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Random: Cheong Dam Dong Family, Nam Goong Min is Looking Cute, Random Ramblings

A month after I Live In Cheong Dam Dong’s finale, i’m still not over it. Close to my heart, like a long lost family, it’s really hard to let go of this fantastic sitcom.

I’m glad to hear that HyunWoo and SangYeob are really close now, they’re like inseparable kiddos, meeting each other every week! Ji Eun is pretty quiet, not sure what she’s up to. Hope the girl has a good drama offer she can pick. No idea about the stooges either, hope i’ll get to see them all in another sitcom someday. Together again, hopefully? Sang Hoon seems like his enjoying life now, with his updates and all. No idea about the rest of the cast as well, but Bora seems to be having a few CF offers despite being a newbie, i hope her career will be smooth for her. Cheong Dam Dong Man Hwa Bang Family, i miss you all. I wish the sitcom never ended. Well, all good things comes to an end. But “All is well”.

Nam Goong Min… I haven’t seen much stills of him in City Conquest, hope he has a lot of screen time, for him to shine in the drama. Anyway, here’s him gyming, looking healthy, looking way better than the last few pictures i saw of him. Let’s hope his sexy voice can seduce all the female Hyun Joong fans, and Nam Goong Min will hopefully get the popularity he deserves.

Now, i heard that Jung Kyeo Won is casted in Horse Doctor. I’m thrilled, cause that makes like three charismatic guys in one drama. On a side note, i’ve quite a few dramas at hand now. Arang, Faith, May Queen, Five Fingers, 1000th Man, and of course Answer to 1997…. I know i’ve gotta drop a few of them, haven’t decided though. Pretty much sure i can’t cope with all of them.

My favourite on the list is Arang at the moment. I love the mystery, and yes i love how creepy it is. Every episode is filled with a lot of contents, satisfying my drama needs, and what’s really good is that they reveal the mystery at the right pace. Not too much or too little to make us lose interest, just enough to make our curiosity grow. As much as i love Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki in the drama, my favourite character at the moment, is Joo Wal, played by Yeon Woo Jin. His such a interesting character. His sad, pitiful, lonely, yet behind all these his actually a sweet young man. Unfortunately, his being manipulated by the antagonist of the drama. Obviously, he’ll fall for Arang for real, and probably will go against his master to protect the girl. I’m hoping it’ll go that way, i’m pretty sure it will, so im excited for that. I hope Arang will continue to keep me excited, and interested, and i’ll hope it’ll continue creeping me out. Jokes aside, it’s really good for a drama revolving around the mystery. Sometimes dramas revolving around mysteries just bores the hell out of me, but the drama sure knows how to keep the pace right. The directing is really good too, effects aren’t irritating me (i hate shows filled with bad, cheap effects and all). All in all, it’s worth the watch.

Faith…. is not a good drama, but there a lot of things keeping me watching this drama. Mainly, King Gong Min, played by Ryu Deok Hwan. His relationship with Noguk, played by Park Se Young is really the main point of my viewing. I love the angst between them, but i hope they’ll resolve their misunderstandings and differences soon. The other favourite part of Faith for me, is Young and Gong Min’s relationship. Young, played by Lee Min Ho, has been having no will to live for the past 8 episodes. However, at the end of 8, he finally “lives” and decided to give his full support to Gong Min. Despite not trusting in Young at several times in the show, he realises that Young is the only one he can trust in his circle of men in episode 8. And now the relationship between them, is nothing but believing in each other, and having faith in each other. And that’s the point of the show. Faith. Of course, the main character, Eunsoo, played by Kim Heesun, will learn to start having FAITH in Young as well.. and that is the gist of the show. I shan’t say much since i haven’t caught 9, but i’m sure it’ll be better than the past 8 episodes, or hopefully. I really liked 8 though, for the Young-Gongmin parts. All in all, it’s not the best show out there, but certain things in the show just makes me “addicted” and makes me want for me.

1000th Man is pretty, cute and funny for me. Gumiho’s finding her last liver to eat, to become a human. She ate 999 livers and is left with one more, making it a 1000 to become a human. Yes that is it. Chun Hee might be that last guy, that gives her the liver. It’s a really cute show, i hope we’ll have a happy ending, though i don’t see how. Our main gumiho, Gu Mi Jin, only wants livers from guys that truly loves her, and is willing to give her their liver to her for her to live. She has been living for 999 years, and her 1000th year is due in less than a 100 days. Needless to say, she needs her last liver. She probably got 999 men that fell for her in the past 999 years, however, she probably never fell hard for any of them, even if she was deeply touched by their love. Okay, she probably loved them to. But this 1000th man, is so definitely going to be the special one, that she might probably even give up being a human, and die, so that he won’t have to give up his liver for her. It’s a sitcom, so i’m hoping for a happy ending? Maybe the legendary gods or fairy godmother will be touched by their love, and let them live us humans without either of them dying.

I’ve been talking too much about May Queen, so i shan’t touch on that. As for Five Fingers, i’m only at episode 3 now… So i cannot comment much about the drama. Definitely way better than May Queen’s stupidity though. I love the kiddies. The one that plays young Dami, is super pretty and cute. Other than that, it’s actually your typical makjang. I’m hoping the brothers’ relationship will get better by the end of the show, well that’s if i last through it. Ji Ho will be played by Joo Ji Hoon, Inha will be played by Ji Chang Wook, Jin Se Yeon takes on the role of Dami, and the main character, Chae Young Rang, the antagonist of the drama, is played by Chae Si Ra. I’m enjoying how handsome Jo Min Ki is as the daddy now, but sadly, he dies in episode 4 i think. Anyway, i think it’s funny how May queen’s ratings is rising while FF’s ratings is dropping. Maybe FF gets worse in the later eps that i haven’t watched, but i think it’s better than MQ now, even though there’s a high level of stupidity as well.

I so hope i’ll drop one of these, since I’m gonna pick Nice Guy. Of course, it’s a relieve that Answer to 1997 ends next week, so maybe that’s gonna make way for Nice Guy in my drama watching list.


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