Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo (Part of April 16’s radio show translation)

Yoo Inna: It states here “How did it feel when we acted together?”

Ji Hyun Woo: Ah… what we felt while acting together?

Yoo Inna: Yeah any difference with how we first met through the program..

Ji Hyun Woo: You’re more cheerful than expected… And therefore you brought fun to everyone on the set.

Yoo Inna: Really? To me… Ji Hyun Woo is more serious than i thought.. Like a grandfather. So we actually can regulate the atmosphere… (Their two characters). During the last radio show, you didn’t seem to be easy going.. Very serious. Maybe it’s cause we weren’t close yet. Back then, all i thought was that you were tall, you could play the guitar well, sing well, act well… a multi talented artiste. How? Do you feel satisfied with the description?

Ji Hyun Woo: Do you sincerely mean it?

Yoo Inna: Yes!!! You even sang Baby elephant back then!

Ji Hyun Woo: Yup live!

Yoo Inna: Yes you sang a song i liked live at my radio show.. I felt really thankful, and now that we have gotten used to each other… The atmosphere is really relaxed.

Ji Hyun Woo: Yes, we are really comfortable with each other. Yoo Inna seemed to be shy(with strangers; like hard to break the barrier with).

Yoo Inna: You too!

Ji Hyun Woo: Yes i am. But i think you are worse than me.  That’s why when i visited your radio show, i gave you my CD. That was the first CD i gave to anyone.

Yoo Inna: What do you mean!

Ji Hyun Woo: The first album i signed…… was give to you!

Yoo Inna: Oh really?

Ji Hyun Woo: But… normally, aren’t you supposed to broadcast one of my songs?

Yoo Inna: You mean i didn’t?

Ji Hyun Woo: Yes.. you didn’t let me interact with my audiences(greetings and all).. Most DJs will do that!

Yoo Inna: Actually, that was my first time too. Like during a broadcast, with someone coming in and giving me a CD… It wasn’t long since i started being a host.. So i didn’t know what i should do after receiving the gift..

Ji Hyun Woo: I felt that it was a pity!


6 comments on “Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo (Part of April 16’s radio show translation)

  1. aaaahhh! thank you so much!!! will you be translating other parts too?

  2. THANK YOU !!!! Love you for doing this…!

    Wow..his first ever CD — given to her.. and wow..she was introduced by a mutual friend..they set her up with him I am hoping! maybe she was so shy and so was he…thats why she got flustered when he gave her the cd and forgot her manners – isnt it basic dj 101 to play a song of the guest artist? hehehehe (all conjecture of course)

    So he sussed her out as reserved eh? Probably trying to talk to her that first time, and then found her to be “cool” ? thats why when he met her again at the set he realised she wasn’t cool but was warm and fun? And I think, same for her>she thought he was so serious – probably had a little crush on him (that tall dark mysterious guy in the band) ?? Totally in my mind , this. heheheh

    So nice to read this— totally ties in with the way they sound..like they got along and had a lot to talk about and can just go on and on in their own world,.

    Ah thanks again, now we know that they really got along with each other.

  3. OMG, these two are adorable. JHW is like a “serious grandfather”? Ahahahaha! I can’t thank you enough for translating this, it’s truly lovely of you to take the time.

  4. No problem girls, i really love this otp!

  5. Maybe she’s enchanted to meet Ji Hyun Woo to forget what she’s suppose to do! ^^

  6. Dearest redpinkboxes….would you be able to translate the rest? are they acting by any chance…what was the plot?? Am dying to kknow!

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