Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 13 recap

YW comes into BD’s room.
BD asks if anything was wrong with YW cause her face was looking pale.. Asking if she had anything she wanted to say to him.
YW asks if he was really going leave here, and throw everything away, to go to that world… She tells him about the talisman, saying it might cause him harm… why does he must do this..
BD asks what she meant about the talisman..

Scene cuts to Heejin. She bought him a phone and test the phone, calling BD’s phone, and answering it herself. All his money was with her i guess.
She bought all the stuff with his money, and SK shook her head… looking at HJ’s happiness. HJ explained that it was BD’s money.
SK asks why she dates a guy like that… HJ says he has a lot of money! He might even have more than BD.
SK continues to shake her head.
HJ flashes some money at SK saying she will buy SK a good meal.

SK lies on the bed, shouting to HJ, saying that she lost all the CFs because of this .. is she happy?
HJ replies that shes happy ..

SK then says that its fine since shes happy(Kinda sarcastically).

Scene cuts to Joseon… BD… then flashing back to when YW visited the temple.
The monk that usually entertained them told some head monk that YW has been coming to pray all the time.
The monk then finds YW and talks to YW about the talisman.
The monk explains that the talisman, saying that the talisman might even bring harm to BD.
The scene cuts back to YW and BD. YW explains what she heard.. And continues to emphasize about the harm it might bring.
She cries, saying she always hoped that he will be happy. But if this will make him vanish forever, that’s not what she wants.
BD thought about it alone.
BD then receives a letter.
The scenes cuts to the day where BD was around QIH’s residence(when she wasn’t reinstated yet), where a guard saw BD running away, hiding from the guards.
The King then ordered for someone to for an investigation at the same time.

BD meanwhile, was talking to someone, regarding a guard that was being searched for.
At that moment… a few men were above a roof, and shot arrows to BD.

BD was shot, but he disappeared after that.(probably when they aimed at his heart).
The arrow that got him transported was left on the floor in Joseon.
He was transported to 2012.
Back in Joseon. People realised he vanished.
The guard ordered for him to be searched for.

In 2012, everyone looked at BD… because he was dressed in his joseon garb and hurt.
He hides and tries to pull out the arrow. He sees someones clothes, and steals it.. and wears it.
He walks in 2012. And tries to figure out what happened.. how he was shot.

Meanwhile in joseon, the guard looks at the arrow.
Jasu talks to Minam… about how they can rid Boongdo.

Cuts back to BD, walking and thinking again. About the guard saying just now, how that person did not seem to be the same person, but a yangban?

Jasu and Minam continues to talk and Minam laughs, with evil intentions.

BD still in deep thoughts, walks in 2012.
He goes to the park, and sees the phone booth. Still holding his wound, he passes the phonebooth and goes up to the place where he ususally hides his stuff.
His bag was no longer there.
He says something there. A letter from HJ.
She says something like I don’t know if you will be able to see this but use these from now on.
He opens the zip block and there is a phone, wallet and shoes.
He goes down and flags a cab.
BD, still in pain, asks the driver to bring him to the nearest library.
The driver didn’t notice he was hurt.
There was a traffic jam and the driver asks if he could get down there, since the library isn’t too far away.
BD didn’t reply and so he turned around… and realised BD was hurt… badly.

The scene cuts to HJ filming. She was filming her part with an extra/substitute…
DM refused to work with her, so she had to film her scenes without DM.
NK then says she is the best, how can she actually have an affair with someone else when her partner is the King.

SK comes and HJ starts to make sad and pitiful yet cute faces…
They have a break.. and HJ talks to SK. SK said she felt sorry for HJ at first, but she doesn’t anymore!
HJ then saw that she received many calls. She thought it was from BD… thinking when he came back and was happy.

She calls his number, asking him when he came back happily. The taxi driver picks the call and replies…
She rushes to the hospital and asks where BD is… the nurse asks if she was the actress Choi Heejin. SK rushes to say shes the guardian and not heejin…

The nurse say that because he is an emergency case they are unable to see him atm, his in the emergency room.
Sk talks to the driver… saying how he discovered BD was injured and all.
He mentions how BD didn’t have a identity card and all.
Then he asks if SK was the “most beautiful woman in the world” that was registered in BD phone(HJ saved it).

The scene cuts to Minam talking to someone in the jail as well.

And then to the court where the ministers talk to the King. The King hears that BD disappeared. He wonders where BD disappeared to..

We see BD being rushed into the hospital.. being treated.
When he was conscious, he sees HJ asking if he sees her and if his fine?
He tries to say something, but HJ was unable to hear him.
He starts to make her worry with his unstable movements and she calls for the doctor.
The doctor comes.
HJ seats in the hospital, looking down. SK then tells her to go for her filming stuff and says she will look after BD when she’s gone.
SK then says no matter how much money he has, and no matter how she loves money… money isn’t everything.
She then shows HJ the arrow that was taken out of BD’s body…
She starts to worry.

HJ was back at the studio, and looked at the script. She realises the changes in the script and thought it was because of DM being angry with her.
She confronts him, saying no matter angry he is with her, he shouldn’t do it to the script and do it to her instead.
She says this isn’t how QIH dies… and DM asks how did she die if she didn’t die like that, like in the script.
She realises history was changed again as she flashes back to what BD was trying to say at the hospital.
She goes and checks history again with her laptop.

BD awakens in the hospital, and asks the nurse that was attending to him where he was and all.
The nurse goes to find HJ…
BD tries to sit up, as we hear HJ reacting to what she heard, that he woke up.
HJ comes in and smiles at BD. They smile at each other.
HJ then takes his phone and says what would have happened if he didn’t have the phone.. he wouldn’t have been able to do the operation and contact her and all!
He asks her what the date was.
He says that he needs to check the books in the library instead.
She says he knew he would need to know about history so she went to search about it as well.
He asks if there was any changes, she says no… and that the only thing was that he disappeared. Nothing else changed.
BD is shocked…(HJ should be lying..)
She tries to convince him nothing was changed.
The doctor comes in to ask if he was fine.
The doctor that does a checkup on him.
HJ receives a call and heads out. BD watches her walk out, his face filled with disappointment.
A nurse talks to her, regarding BD and the investigation being done by the prosecutors. She then says that since BD is awake now, she should report to police.

BD in the room, gets off his bed and gets his clothes to change. He realises HJ took his talisman.
He changes, and then hears the nurses coming in. He sneaks out… and bumps into SK. Sk asks where he was going. The nurses rushes out, asking him where he was going and that he needed to stay in the hospital. He pushes some of the things in the hospital and hurts the nurses to escape.
He heads out and looks at an ambulance. (He should be leaving in it)

SK is in his room, and HJ comes in. HJ states that she went to report to the police and all.
She said BD just woke up a while ago. SK asked where BD went to and says she saw with her own eyes.

BD is in a library.. and he reads history.
From 25 May till… June 20th.
About him and his business with the Queen.. and the King finding out about everything and getting angry. The King confronts Queen Inhyun and QIH did not say anything.
On June 20th the King declares that Minam is not guilty and all.
The search for BD continues and QIH is ordered to be killed.

On 25 July, Queen Inhyun gets killed.

BD reads all of these, as HJ tries to contact him.
BD thinks in the library, and what the talisman is doing to everything, according to what YW said.. He thinks back to he said to QIH, that he will protect her till the end. But she gets killed.
He continues to think about what YW said, and the harm the talisman can bring.
He ignores Heejin’s calls.

Heejin asks where he was. He says his at her house. She asks why he was at her house, and he said he came to find the talisman. He asks her where it is. She asks what he was talking about.. He says isn’t the talisman with her? She says no. She burnt it already. She says she knew that he would find the talisman the moment he woke up, so she burnt it.
BD: There’s no more time already! Where is it?
HJ: I said i burnt it! Did you read the history record? Did you see that you vanished there? It was because i burnt the talisman. Even QIH was beheaded. If you go back, there wouldn’t be anything good out of it. How do you expect me to let you go back like this? So i burnt the talisman. You know that im stupid.. So i thought of this only. Im sorry for not discussing this with you before burning it, but i had no choice. Even if you want to go back to Joseon… you can’t anymore.(she cries)
BD: If you don’t know how to lie, don’t lie.
HJ says she wasn’t lying. He tells her not to be angry and tells her to listen to him. He says he doesn’t like stupid people.
BD: You said you’re stupid, but according to what i know, you just aren’t knowledgeable with facts. It’s not that you are stupid. When the talisman was torn into 2, i lost my memory and you got another memory of the same time. If that happened when it was only torn, if you burnt it, it will be even worse. If you burnt it, you think nothing would have happened? If you did, maybe we will never know each others existence, and even if we meet, we might just being passing each other. Is that good to you? You know this well as well. So you definitely wouldn’t throw the talisman. You would only have hidden the talisman.
We see a flashback where HJ tries to burn the talisman, but she didnt.
Heejin thanks him for thinking she’s that smart.. but she says shes dumb.. Because she was super dumb, so she was famous in school for being dumb.
We then see BD finding the talisman in the fridge.
BD says she’s not stupid, he is sure.
She hears that he found the talisman and tells him not to go, crying.
Heejin tells him not to go, saying she won’t see him anymore if he does.
HJ: I tried so hard to get you back from hell, do you really want to do this to me? Didn’t you say you’ll be responsible for me? How can you not keep your promise… don’t go.
BD: Listen to me first. I know i promised you, but 5 years ago, i set my mind to protect QIH. But i didn’t manage to. And even caused her death. How can i live a happy life here knowing that? I can’t do that. So, i’ll take responsibility for the 2 of you. I can do it. (He looks at her portrait) I will definitely save everything, and come back here.
The call ends.
HJ returns to an empty house. She sees the things she bought for BD in her house.. His phone and all. She looks and sighs.

— EP Ends—-
Guards demand the door to be opened.
BD inside the room with YW… telling his servants to open the door for them.
BD was brought for prosecution. Minam was there too.
SK was driving HJ in the car. She seems uncomfortable, looking out of the window. SK asks what’s wrong with her.
King says to put the talisman on BD and shoot him.
Someone slips the talisman into BD’s body.
BD is seen wounded and bandaged leaning on an ambulance, collapsing.
He collapses.
Minam says theres no point in giving him a status when his dead.
SK says he was shot thrice and died.
Heejin was rushed into the hospital.


17 comments on “Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 13 recap

  1. Going crazy refreshing this page again and again… o.O what will happen to BD???

  2. Why did he leave again! I understand he would want to save QIH, but he will be in so much trouble! What if the talisman doesn’t work! I’m so worried about him! Is there no preview for ep 14?

    • Poor HJ! Even if it were a difficult thing to do… I would forget about him. It is so unclear to me weather he will keep his promise! Of all the problems with the talisman… But I still want them to be together. I’m grazy!!!

  3. the beauty of SJJ writing. Im appreciating the drama’s title into bits. Queen In Hyun’s Man. in 2012 to 1694. awesome.

    • Its beautiful isn’t it? he is protecting two Queen InHyun. One for the sake of love and the other for the sake of loyalty. I really like the fact that Boong Do is going back cause that is exactly I expect from him. His character is really consistent from the start til now.

  4. OMG!!!!! This is crazy.. Thanks for the live recap babe… We owe you one. Love and hugs. I think we all need it now especially!

    Group hugs everyone!

  5. Thank you for live recap. Wow… so much happened in this episode, my head is spinning.

  6. Thank you! I’m grateful that you took the time and trouble to write a live recap so we don’t go crazy thinking about what might be happening. I suspected history would change in that the Queen would be in Greece danger; that would be just about the only thing Boong-do would put before Hee-Jin at this point in time. Let’s see how it all works out.

  7. Sorry, I mean ‘grave danger’ not ‘Greece danger’!

  8. Oh BD! I love that you are loyal and that you want to keep your promises. But that also gets you into dangerous situations! I am the same as HJ…. worried about him. And that preview is killing me! THANKS for the recaps redpinkboxes!!! ^^

  9. Preview ep 14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0frSwcTvVU
    </3 </3 </3 T-T (Writer-nim I want a Happy Ending!)

  10. I’m really thankful for your recap…..^-^
    The plot in this drama is the best ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. dear, it seems that you missed 13-3.

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