Queen Inhyun’s Man… Perfect Love Story?

Contradictory to my post earlier, Queen Inhyun’s Man is not so perfect afterall.


Hoping tonight’s EP won’t disappoint.
I miss perfect Kim BoongDo. I miss their almost perfect love story.
I still love the off-screen chemistry of Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na, but HeeJin and BoongDo.. Kinda disappointing.
I need Mr Kim Boong Do of perfection, back.

Kinda bashing KBD here, so please refrain from reading if you think you can’t handle it! I still love KBD though!

Well basically, EP 11-12 was slow moving, and it didn’t quite have anything i loved. Maybe i’ve seen too many BTS pictures of those lovey dovey scenes already, i got bored, or that the plot was going anywhere. I decided it was the latter.
High expectations with the script writer got me no where. I was expecting someting substantial from Writer Song in ep 11-12, hoping that BD will return to Joseon for some important business regarding his business in Joseon by ep 12, but he didn’t. All he did was to go back and do stuff regarding his life in 2012.

Kim Boong Do was no longer the same KBD i knew from EP 1-10. I appreciated everything he did from 1-10, but gosh… Honestly, the night he asked Heejin to stay, left me with the word corny(or the H substitute). You got that innocent girl to stay with you, by kissing her and making her charmed by you… Let’s not talk about anything that might have happened after that… I’m not a fan of bed scenes, especially for my innocent couple. Okay anyway, the point was, you made her stay, and you left her there and returned to Joseon most of the night. What’s the point?

What was even worse… When Heejin “threw” the talisman… i was feeling as bad as HJ.. Kim Boong Do appeared as Mr. Perfect to me, prior to these episodes. But the moment he gave that expression, filled with anger, as if he was going to leave her forever if she actually threw that talisman, oh boy. At that moment, the image of Mr perfect was deleted. Well, fine his human too, and that makes the drama more realistic… because nobody is perfect. So I get where his coming from. Joseon was his life, and it would be like he lost everything once that talisman is gone. But…….. i can’t help but feel disappointed. I wished the scene was never shown.
Honestly, i don’t know how else Boongdo should react to that scene. I think it was the right and only reaction that i can expect from him… because i know how important Joseon is to him. It’s his home. Not being able to return home? That sucks. I can’t expect him to be calm, or nice or anything knowing his talisman is gone. But i didn’t want him to have that reaction, despite knowing he should only have that reaction. Stupid but, the writer should have done without that scene.

Honestly, if i missed 11-12, i wouldn’t have missed a thing. Yes 11-12 had to be there, for the lovey dovey scenes before the heartbreak that comes and all…. i agree, but then… I don’t know. If i were to be in HJ’s position, i did be broken. Whatever Boongdo said about taking responsibility at the end of 12 didn’t matter anymore. The first and initial reaction he had when he thought he couldn’t return to Joseon anymore, was his pure and true reaction, the reaction he would have if Heejin really threw the talisman. Imagine if she really did, what would have happened? The worse thing wasn’t about how BD was, but how he made HJ feel…

No matter what he did after that, how he thought sincerely after that, how he came to the conclusion of wanting to take responsibility of her.. I don’t know any more. Because to me, what it appears to be now is his part of being a responsible Joseon man. Well maybe his heart truly wants it, but it’s me i guess. I live with the idea that “the initial reaction, is forever what the heart wants”. Yeah he redeemed himself with his sorry look after that… He was truly sorry. I know that. I felt that. And that probably woke him up… got him thinking about being responsible, and staying with HJ forever.

Just so you know, i am a person that can love a drama today, and forget about it tomorrow. But don’t worry, i won’t forget about Queen Inhyun’s Man’s awesomeness. Just trying to say how fickle I am, hence the great disappointment you see.

But then again, i think they made KBD like that, because of what Yoon Wol says: The talisman will become a curse if there are other deep desires…..
As i said earlier, i truly believe that KBD’s fate was to stay in 2012. So everytime he returns to Joseon, he was going against fate. All will end when he stays in 2012 for good. And he needs to figure that out. Or one day, he might just die, and not be saved by the talisman.
He comes close to it in EP13, but he will be saved by our modern day hospital and technology.

Anyway, so what did ep 11-12 do for you? Yay, or Nay? I’d like to hear my opinions about it.
Please forgive me regarding my discontent, cause i’ve been rewatching my favourite, most perfect kdrama ever, and that brings my expectations up again, which is so unfair to QIHM. *sorry*

Don’t get me wrong, i still love Kim Boong Do. Just………… he changed a little, which is better for the OTP(more scenes of them), but not the same BoongDo as before. I still love QIHM. No matter what happens to the show, it’ll be one of the best for this year for me. Cause 1-10 did it all for me.

Meanwhile, I shall just rewatch my favourite love story again. *off to watch CYHMH OTP*

Anyway, anyone wanting to recommend an underrated drama to me? I’m thinking of Soulmate(2006), by Lee Soo Kyung and Shin Dong Wook. Highly recommended by the few who watched it, so i’m so tempted to watch it as well.


5 comments on “Queen Inhyun’s Man… Perfect Love Story?

  1. Wow! I think it’s quite interesting how fickle women can be. Once you don’t do something she agrees with, all bets are off. Not speaking of anyone specifically but just to the wave of disgust and discontent with BD across the board.
    It’s interesting and makes me wonder if no one thinks people have layers. Have good and bad things about them? Or react in ways they shouldn’t but don’t regret? I guess I just I’m on the minority cause there is more to me than meets the eye. Im mot all cracked to be. Havent met a soul who is. But it’s cool. The minority? I’m used to it 😉

    • Don’t worry unnichan! I get where you’re coming from…. I’m just really fickle. Not just with Kdramas but everything in life.

      Honestly, i don’t know how else Boongdo should react to that scene. I think it was the correct reaction from him… because i know how important Joseon is to him. It’s his home. The thought of not being able to return home forever is just horrorful. But……..

      I can’t help but react like that. I know this sounds stupid, but i wished the writer would have done without that scene. Maybe it’s important as it will show much Joseon meant to him, but turned into something less important than Heejin later. But i guess this was shown to quickly. or that his mind showed it too quickly. How he saw the disappointment in Heejin’s eyes, then returned to joseon and thinking about going to 2012 for good.. then by the end of the eps, he is “set” about staying and taking responsibility for HJ forever.

      I must admit that the idiotic thing about this is that im disappointed Boongdo isn’t flawless. Well, of course, which human is flawless. And i knew that from the start, but just…………………. it hit me. LOL. So i really wished the writer did without this scene. Because this would be the only reaction i can see BD having. But i refuse to understand this reaction, though i know it is justifiable.

  2. Oh, I think I’m as fickle if not more! *hug*

    I can live with him being a bit taken aback and express some frustration, a tiny bit of flustering BUT he glared back at HJ more chillingly than he did at Jasu! It’s not hard to comprehend where HJ is coming fr even if she burnt that Talisman, it’s not entirely selfish to want them to stay put together in 2012, he’s the only one the magic has its power on and he expressed in so many ways, after their reunion he’s serious…it’s still sorta the morning after, lets not forget, so HJ in part is doing it for their combined interest. First he’s kept his leaving in the night from her, he’s kept YW from her, and now he’s snappy at her for sth that should be placed lower than her and their relationship. Talk about buzzkill.

    Given the context of how he’s been reacting to greater shock and much direr situation prior, he’s been the uncanny model of calmness and unfazed through every ordeal, one of the many standout qualities of BD we’ve been spazzing on and on fr the get go. Is this the most apt occasion to show him having flaws and layers?!? He’s discussed his leaning his life will be better spent in 2012, even with doubts, he’s overacting, and how far fr BD do we have to suspend our disbelief for a lover’s quarrel? It felt forced and incongruous, almost petty and trivial to express some frustration and doubts at the expense of HJ (and our) heart. And it also dissipates their perfectly synchronized trusting rapport all along. For what it conveyed, and what it disconnected with the characterization, what a pity.

    I’ve never considered BD perfect, in need to be brought down to ground in order to inject believability, he’s close enough an ideal but he’s within the strict confines of Confucius doctrine, very apparent with how as brilliant and thoughtful he is, his approach on marriage with YW is so negligent. It’s all country and duty with no place for triviality such as love and feels and the womankind. Honest, I don’t mind him having flaws, but we r more than 2/3 done, we, just like HJ, thought we’ve known BD well enough. And now we felt like we’ve been fooled, and HJ is still cutting him slacks….and I’m have moments of being in protective mode for our sista…is BD good enough for her to risk it all?!

    • Ditto! He kept everything about Joseon from Heejin… yet he expects her to be able to trust in him and believe that he will be able to take responsibility for her… Which girl will be able to do that? Not me definitely!
      Yes definitely, we’ve been spazzing over that characteristic in him……….. but no. I did like to see his flaws through the great ordeal of love, not through this i-cant-go-back thing…. I guess it was to do with Ji Hyun Woo’s acting in that scene, more than the character itself. The expression from his eyes…. was so not Boongdo. Yes, thought we knew him well enough.. I guess, theres way more than that.

      Yes no man is perfect, even if his from Joseon.. But i didn’t really want to see his flaws through this. Heejin makes one of the most innocent, and i shall use the word naive… kdrama leads ever. As a viewer, i just want her to be protected.. to be loved… and even if she gets hurt, i don’t want it to be because of this reason. Some sacrificial love thing would have been better, not this.

      One thing i hate most about the kdramas i dislike, is the lack of trust and understanding from each other. BD clearly did not understand where HJ was coming from. On the other hand, i felt HJ did. She knew how important the talisman was to Boongdo, and of course she didn’t throw it. Given her rashness, she might have, like what she said. She knew how important Joseon was to BD… and therefore she kept trying to convince him how 2012 was better than Joseon… But as a girl… as a woman who loved, and wanted to be loved dearly.. she couldn’t help but convince him to stay by her side.

      Whatever the case, im ready to forgive BD. Well 1-10 was more than enough to let me forgive him for what he was in 11-12. Just hope that awesome KBD will be back today!

      • Hm, I disagree, BD did know what HJ meant and understand she wanted him by her side in her era, but since he couldn’t give a concrete reply yet to her he didn’t say anything that could make her misunderstand or get hurt, you can feel he feels sorry bad before she pretends to throw the talisman, but he still isn’t sure how to stay in the future and how to leave his past, so he doesn’t say anything. And since she couldn’t get his answer, she pretended to throw the talisman in the fire – she did get her reply, the one she feared to hear and BD didn’t want to show her: that he still cares about his past and his era. And he knew she knowing it would hurt her. You can see in his face ”what did I do” HJ like forced BD to react to see what he was thinking.

        If you want to say BD doesn’t say anything, what about HJ? She also doesn’t really think in how hard it must be for BD. She knows but doesn’t think in this a lot.

        It’s his past life, the life he lived for 28 years, and she wants him to throw it away just like that? It isn’t that easy. I bet if it was BD asking her to throw her life away and go to Joseon to life with him, I bet if BD asked this you would say he is selfish, but when HJ does this you don’t. She would also find hard to let go of her actress job, her family and friends. Why do you make HJ be the one suffering? BD is the one that has to make the haderst choice and still when he shows one flaw you get all upset and says he is selfish and doesn’t think on Hee Jin?

        Not that I’m on HJ or BD’s side. It is just you are being unfair to BD making HJ the one who suffers when it isn’t like this.

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