No Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 14 Recap (Mini spoilers) + BTS

*cues Ji Hyun Woo singing “I’m bringing sexy back”* oh boy you are definitely bringing sexy back!

So i just woke up before the broadcast, to find that Solive isn’t working anymore.. so i am sorry to announce that i can’t provide a live recap for the show!
Sorry to burst your bubble! If you thought i might be lucky to be able to stream… Nope, i’m sorry. T____________T I’m as disappointed as you are!

News update. Kim Jin Woo mentions that Yoo Inna is his ideal…. Hmmmm, i wished JHW said that instead.

*SPOILERS* (According to caps i see)
JHW had 3 arrows in his body after Sukjong demanded for him to be killed… (think his body was taken away…) At that very moment, Yoo Inna was sitting in the car that Sukyeong was driving… feeling uneasy. Yoo Inna then breaks down after receiving some news… (History change?) And depressed, unable to contain herself and emotions…. I think Sukyeong and her got into an accident, being distracted by the whole issue. Nothing major, but she was sent to the hospital. So we see Yoonwol, Queen Inhyun and our dear Heejin … all the 3 women of his life, is worried for him. Dongmin visits Heejin…

This should be a flashback, before BD gets shot. Boongdo sneaks into Sukjong’s room…. and Sukjong puts his sword at BD’s neck. Then we see the King being convinced by BD? …. Then we see a flashforward. Which means the King and BD worked together, coming up with an act for his “death”.. After BD was shot, he got saved by the medical doctors in the imperial palace(the best they can do). The King pretended to want to kill BD, but of course he didn’t want to kill BD, but had to for the evidence they had against BD, to maintain his righteousness as the King. So basically, they were just acting. BD planned to be “killed” and saved in 2012.

So BD was then sent away and Han Dong probably “killed” BD to send him to 2012. So with HD sending BD to 2012, BD was right at the ambulance(previously, i mentioned in my recap that he kept looking at the ambulance). He probably remembered the spot where the ambulances should be, and got Han Dong to bring him there, so that once he “died” he would get his treatment from 2012 immediately.
I think in the same emergency room, HJ was crying…. in pain, and BD was rushed in for treatment.

Now, Boongdo seems to have a grave in Joseon… which means the King helped him to fake his death. Handong and BD visits his “grave”… and BD bids his farewell to Handong. Han dong starts to cry. We see Yoonwol crying someone else too.. She wasn’t informed about him being alive. Boongdo takes his leave. Yoonwol cries as a gisaeng, as BD continues to gallop on his horse. He then goes to the river side, and lets his horse go freely.

Handong is then back to the spot where BD transported himself to 2012(ambulance equivalent place). His sword is left there, with his horsehair hat. He is going back to 2012 for good.(of course i doubt this, but this is his plan now i guess)

Heejin was discharged and was just walking home one day, before she sees Boongdo’s sexy back at her rooftop/balcony area. They see each other, and smile and exchanged their words with each other.
BD starts to tear, and HJ lifts her hand to wipe his tears away (awwww). She smiles wholeheartedly at him, cheering him up, despite his tears. He then grabs her, and pulls her into his wide chest for a hug… He then holds her face and stares into her eyes… Apparently he states in this scene that everything in his world has change(everything isn’t like what it used to be in Joseon) but the only thing that remains unchanged, is his love for HJ. (OH GOD, EXCUSE ME WHILE I MELT)

– EP Ends –
No preview, just some scenes/bts of their dating scene at the river and train track and all, which were barely shown in the previous eps.


Kinda suspected SukJong was still good. I guess he trusted and believed in BD, that’s all that matters. I highly doubt that BD is going to stay in 2012 forever from this moment, since we have 2 episodes left, and i honestly will be disappointed if i see 2 eps of lovey dovey time in 2012, and nothing on BD and Joseon. I want to know more about what happens to Queen Inhyun(of course she will die according to true history soon and i swear we will have that ending), and Sukjong.

Hope we will have 2 more eps that will be exciting. I’m sad that its all gonna be over soon. I’m really afraid ep 15-16 will disappoint. And i think it will. First time in kdrama history, i see a reunion of the a couple at the end of ep 14…. We don’t know anything about the next conflict, or if it will really come. Especially with QIHM having each episode being only around 40++ minutes, 2 eps, is REALLY short. I don’t know what to expect now! I guess my wish of HJ playing something important in BD’s Joseon doings…. is gonna go down the drain. I wanted her existence in BD’s life to be crucial what happens in Joseon… Something she will do, to help him in Joseon. But I guess it won’t happen. I’m sure it won’t happen.

Though he clearly will go back to Joseon again, and if he doesn’t im gonna be disappointed, since i really don’t want 15-16 to be otp time in 2012 only. But he will, he won’t leave QIH like that, even though she will definitely die according to history… soon, but he will do everything he can to prevent it, even though its bound to happen. He promised that he will protect her anyway.

And Yoonwol… He can’t leave YW alone in Joseon. Who knows what Jasu(NOW WHY IS BABY EVIL SO QUIET?!??!) plans to do to her. I am thinking YW might get transported to 2012 as well? I mean she said before, that if that world is so good, she would like to go there as well. A place where shes not known as a slave nor a gisaeng… a place where she’ll be safe and sound. She definitely won’t be an obstacle to our OTP’s relationship in 2012, she’s such a sweetie… i’d say a beauty. I love her so much in the show. So i hope she’ll go to 2012 as well. Her life won’t be any good without Boongdo being there…. As for Queen Inhyun… She’ll die. No matter what BD does. Even if she doesnt…………… that she’ll get transported to 2012 as well? But i think there’s only gonna be one QIH for BD, which is the show’s purpose, so i doubt so.

Anyway, I want something memorable in 15-16, even if it has to be tragic. I’m not saying 14 wasn’t tragic enough but… i was expecting something even more tragic than this.. In fact i think 14 wasn’t even tragic at all. I didn’t cry. LOL *hides* *dodges before i get killed* I seriously have no expectations for 15-16, and i want my expectations to remain like that, so that i won’t be disappointed in ep 15-16. Honestly, no drama i’ve ever watched, had a sweet reunion at the end of 14… (okay maybe it had and i dropped it) but yeah, you get me. It’s the climax, i should have something angsty, tragic, something deep and mind vexing there… Because it’s the climax of the drama. But i got a reunion for QIHM and im just really stunned. So somehow, even if the 2 eps are short(they are), i demand something tragic to happen… even if it means that there will be no happy ending. I want the drama to at least be memorable. Not an ending with a cherry on the top. Already how 14’s last scene was placed was a great disappointment for me, since reunions should not happen at that point. But let me trust writer Song one last time.

Anyway, that aside… BoongDo. Still, he isn’t as awesome as before.. But oh well, let me be less strict about him. I loved it that Boongdo cry. Though i have a tiny bit of problem with Ji Hyun Woo’s acting in that scene, with the crying. Okay more than a bit. Anyway, back to crying men. I am a person that likes men that cry(of course not all the time, but when they need to). Crying means they have emotions, and they dare to show their emotions to the ones they love. Crying infront of someone means that, you love the person enough to show how much they mean to you. Big men that cry when they need to = extremely hot. Those that hold it in when they should cry, ……………… not hot at all. Of course not cry babies that cry all the time, but you get what i mean! I think what BD said about how everything changed, but only his love remains the same. That’s extremely cheesy, but his excused because his a cheesy Joseon man ( OH I LOVE SEUNG YOO). Anyway, it really ties in to how he said, something like :”Even if no one knows me there, as long as one person remembers me, wouldn’t that life be different?” As long as Heejin loves him, and remembers him forever, everything is worth it for him, isn’t it? Do i need to mention that im relieved there wasn’t any kiss scene in the last scene? Haha I like couples that just hold hands, hug, stare into each other eyes… rather than kissing all the time. We had enough kisses already, lets save the last one for the last 2 episodes.

Oh, anyone thinks King SukJong is just super sexaaaaay? I love how he looks. Hahaha. His has this handsome calming look, yet super sexy and he looks smart too. The kind of look ideal look LOL.
Anyway, BTS. Ji Hyun Woo is so sexxxaaaaay when his injured.

Excuse me while i drool. *drools*

Match him with cutiepie Yoo Inna….


12 comments on “No Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 14 Recap (Mini spoilers) + BTS

  1. So sad… =(
    Thanks for your hard work for the past few weeks..

  2. I know right… Sooooooooooo SAD! T____________T

    Thanks for the lovely and awesome recap before this.

  3. Ah! It’s ok, thank you for your effort and past sleepless nights!

  4. Hilarious that both Soompi and Baidu were panicked this morning over Solive issues. (LOL) QIHM has made an impression on all of us irregardless of language. 🙂
    Thanks for the recap! ps – maybe Kim Jin Woo said that to provoke some type of reaction from Hyun Woo? *crossing fingers*

  5. Wishful thinking…. hope he said that to provoke Ji Hyun Woo – like “if you don’t make a move I will”. 😀 😀 Thank you for recap… I also have fun reading you drooling over JHW. Cause it’s exactly what I’m doing right now 😀

  6. chinggu! somebody posted in YT!!! http://www.krdrama.org/watch-queen-inhyun%E2%80%99s-man-ep-14 —> hoping for your recap to read very soon…^^ forever a follower…^_^

  7. dramacrazy has ep14 raw up!:)

  8. Thank you, even a guestimate is great at this point. Damn that SOLIVE.

  9. do you know you can watch it in ionair.tv? it’s fast, faster than other site maybe… even it didn’t live stream it. ’cause ionair.tv only live streaming KBS MBC SBS and other national channel, :)) I didn’t check the site after the broadcast, but in the morning, new episode always ready to stream, and I download it using software… :)))

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