Thoughts on Faith

I’m so excited for Faith now, not because its the best show out there at the moment (some elements of the show are just really weak), but because of Gongmin and Young. By the way, this post is filled with spoilers.

I haven’t really had much love for Kim Hee Sun from ep 1-8, since Eun Soo was rather irrelevant for me… And Kim Hee Sun’s OTT acting is… But anyway, now i’m excited thanks to her story.

Eunsoo, Kim Hee Sun’s role… is most likely Hwata…. So i’m thinking, maybe she returns to 2012, then she somehow travels to an older time, before the Goryeo period. This time she was prepared and brought “3 necessary items”…. Or maybe, she figured how to return to 2012 in her next time travel, and left the diary there to ensure that she’ll have all these for “Goryeo time travel”. Okay, this is so confusing, but maybe its like the different time periods in parallel theory or something. Every time period, everything, is kinda reoccurring every second, just like me typing now.. Its reoccurring.. Her time travel was bound to happen, she was part of history. I mean she kinda got it, that she’s making history… when she realised she saved Yi Sung Gye… Or else, he would have died and he wouldn’t be the first king of Joseon. So i trust that whatever decision she makes, on who to kill first at the end of episode 10, it wouldn’t be a big deal, because somehow, history will follow the way it should be, as the way we know it. I wonder though… her name should be written in history then, as the “Great doctor” or something (Was there such a thing in korean history? I don’t know). But i mean the show could do changes, make the history in the show a little different from what we know, to make things smooth… So maybe in the history she knows, in the drama, there might have been a “Great doctor” in history, which is herself… But because she didn’t study history well, she didn’t realize it. So maybe someday she’ll remember that she was in the history she studied. But well, history might not go to such details of a doctor that saved a king and a queen, but she must have been legendary, saving so many great historical figures that could have died.

Gosh, i love time traveling dramas, even if they don’t make sense most of the time. I like it especially when they make the character the cause of many historical events. They can try changing history when they time travel, to save anyone they come to love, but whatever happens, history will take the path as we know it now, no matter what the character tries to do. Which is what I’m worried now. No matter what Eun Soo does, to save Young, Lee Min Ho’s character, in the later part of the drama, he will still die at the time as stated in history, because she’s a part of history and whatever she does now, will not change history, or rather, will shape history to become what it is in the records we know today. When i first started the show, i thought somehow Eunsoo and Young will have a happy ending, in the other world, … our world, just like Heejin and Boongdo in Queen In Hyun’s Man, since Eunsoo said earlier to Young about going to the other world, with her. This was supposed to be impactful, so i was sure it would happen. So i thought she would later successfully fake his death, so that just like in history, he dies in 1388, but in 1388, he escapes to 2012 with Eunsoo. Well thats what i thought if she wasn’t Hwata. But if she’s Hwata, she’s gonna time travel again when she returns to 2012, so if with Young, we still probably won’t get our happy ending of the couple being together. Or maybe she tries to return to 2012 from the Goryeo period in the drama, but was unsuccessful and instead goes to 1000 years before Goryeo? Three kingdoms? And was known as Hwata there? Maybe Young was there too, and traveled with her to the past, if that happens. Oh man, the complications.

Do you think they’ll have a happy end? I can’t help but tear when i hear the lyrics of Ali’s Carry On, thinking of how they’ll fall deeply in love… And then Eunsoo will probably return to 2012 by herself, and then sitting in a taxi, she cries, because she can never return to the time in Goryeo, with her loved one. I’m being dramatic and emotional here, don’t mind me.

Whatever the case, if we get a happy ending, Young must successfully fake his death in 1388 and go to whichever period with Eun Soo, either the past or the future…. This means that the course of this drama, will stretch from now till 1388. Which is quite a long period, almost until the end of the Goryeo period. Well, time could fly just like in The Princess’ Man, so this is a possible option.

Anyway, remember in episode 1, when Young got her over from 2012, while King Gongmin and the rest were waiting for him by the portal, it took… a few seconds… or minutes? Or is it just me, cause it just felt like a really short time to me. And during that time, when Young was in 2012, it was at least an hour or so… I mean she was conducting her talk, then she had to save the person… Then they had to escape from the police and all. At least an hour, right? So what I’m thinking is that when they jump in time, time in whatever period they jump from stops there for them, or maybe the time moves slowly, like really slowly. So when they return to that time frame, if ever, they return to the point from where they left from, or near when they left from. If this is true, even if they go through the whole Goryeo period, when they go to Korea 2012, they will still be young just like how they look like when they left 2012 at the beginning of the drama. (Yeah, I’m thinking of Narnia now. The grownup kids return to their time after being the Kings and Queens of Narnia for many years, and they returned to how they looked like as kids again).

Anyway, anyone as curious about what will happen to the characters in the drama, just like me? The show is severely flawed, but gosh, little elements just keeps me in!!!! If you are not a choosy watcher, i recommend this show, especially if you love time traveling dramas. Honestly, I don’t watch china dramas often, but i watched a few Chinese time traveling dramas, that are really flawed, just because, well, i like the concept of how their existence shape, or maybe even change history.

Honestly, I might not be Lee Min Ho’s biggest fan, but i always thought he had the potential somehow, well… He was the only reason why i watched Boys Over Flowers. Well, i fast-forwarded to his scenes only, skipping the rest of the drama. I loved him in Personal Taste, though i did fast-forward through a lot of it too, and i didn’t finish the last few episodes. He might not be my favorite in Faith, but i do like his presence in the drama. Let’s hope the PD will include some really hot kiss scenes, because, that’s what the boy is good for. Have i mentioned before that Personal Taste’s Game Over Kiss, is one of my most watched kiss in K-drama history? Isn’t it one of the best?

Now, why this drama is really worth the watch?

Young and Gong Min’s relationship is really lovely, in my opinion. Gong Min did not trust him at the beginning, because Young didn’t show that he trust Gong Min as well. But now, they trust each other, and i love how it is now.

The light of the drama. Ryu Deok Hwan and Park Se Young are doing ridiculously well. I’m amazed. And don’t you see the oozing chemistry in this picture?

Anyway, as much as there are multiple reasons not to watch this drama, there are more reasons as to why YOU should watch this drama.


4 comments on “Thoughts on Faith

  1. I share the same fascination with time-travel stories and I can’t wait to find out how Eun-soo fits into Korean “history.”

    Yep, flawed but still has me reeled in.

    • Yes i can’t wait too! This drama really got me. Arang might be my favorite now, and the most promising one for me, but Faith is the one I’m excited for. I watch it immediately when i download them, read spoilers as soon as it’s out… I just can’t wait for more, definitely…. the most interesting Korean time traveling drama for me. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad to hear that this is good. I was planning on watching it when it finishes airing.

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