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Lan Ling Wang Preview

Surprised that this time, Ariel doesn’t seem to be having much chemistry with her costar, Feng Shao Feng. I think she had chemistry with ALL her costars, from Joe to Mike to HuGe and all…. But, i don’t quite see the chemistry here.

Well, so we see how Ariel’s character goes:”I fell for someone whom i shouldn’t have fallen for…”
And Feng Shao Feng’s love for her is undying here, i guess, but more brave and sacrificial, unlike his 8th prince role in Gong.

I don’t like how Ariel looks here, and her acting seems forced. FSF does look fit for a King here, but i’m not too sure yet.
Whatever the case, i’ll still try this.

I see more chemistry off screen? Too bad…. Feng Shao Feng is “attached”

PS. George Hu looks good here.


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