Nam Goong Min in City Conquest

Dear Nam Goong Min, why do you always have to be that “I can only watch you, and give you my one sided love” guy? When can you lead a full nice drama, not a daily, nor a special, a nice drama where you can shine? You are too fine to not have one.

Well, i still have no interest in watching City Conquest, but i have to post about this, cause you are just so fine.

He looks rather tired and dried recently though. Especially in Still Cut.

I haven’t watch Still Cut. Anyone watched it yet? I downloaded it though, planning to watch it when i find time.

Anyway, Goong Min, i wish you all the best with City Conquest. If producers and directors of dramas haven’t found the charm in you to give you a lead role yet, i hope they do when they see you in CC.


7 comments on “Nam Goong Min in City Conquest

  1. I SO AGREE! That handsome/gorgeous/charismatic man NEEDS to get a lead role! *-*

  2. I think he is underrated.

  3. I love this guy … he should get more project ahead as a lead guy. He act way better than most of other actors actually … but I think he loose the market because of is height.
    Seems like Kdrama prince charming is only limited to the guy with height T_T

  4. i so want to see him play lead roles but i dont get why isnt he given a chance, he was great in can you hear my heart but aargh,it upsets and annoys me whenever i see him playing supporting roles.

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