Nice Guy: Press Conference

Look at Joong Ki and Sang Yeob in this pic! BROMANCE! Apparently, they are good friends (along with Hyunwoo). Both are under SidusHQ as well, with Hyun Woo too. If you watched I Live In Cheong Dam Dong properly, you would fine Joongki’s signature in the Manhwabang. So, he must have visited his two friends on the set.

Moon Chae Won

Song Joong Ki

Apparently, Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won are still awkward with each other.
Whatever the case, they look cute together.

Park Si Yeon

Loving Park Si Yeon heels so much. Lee Yu Bi has nice heels too. *envious*

The main three of the show.

Park Si Yeon and Song Joong Ki

Joongki said that Park Si Yeon is very funny.

Park Si Yeon and Moon Chae Won

Director said they are really great at acting. Can’t wait for these two, i’m pretty much sure that the two girls will carry the show.

Lee Sang Yeob! I love this boy, so i’m gonna post more pictures of him.

Is it me or i barely ever see Sang Yeob wearing leather shoes?:) Such a cute boy. 상엽아, 많이 보고싶다~

I wanna squish his chubby cheeks!
Anyway, anyone who is interested in Lee Sang Yeob, you can try watching this cut from The Great King Se Jong.

He acted as Prince Moon Jong.
Everyone, support Sang Yeob okay!?

Kwang Soo

Kim Tae Hoon

Lee Yu Bi

Kwang Soo and Lee Yu Bi

Joong Ki and Yu Bi

Park Si Yeon and Kim Tae Hoon

Credit: Daum, Naver

Video interview before the press conference with Joongki and Kwangsoo!

The video begins with Joongki asking if they’ll go up after this, and the camera man tells him in 5 minutes.
They start to introduce themselves, and SJK “bullies” KS as usual!

Joongki says that his nervous because the show will begin it’s broadcast next week. However, JK states that he feels better because his with Kwangsoo, and Kwangsoo laughs saying cause they’re like family and all *squishes you two* Joongki pretends to disagree and they bicker again, and Kwangsoo continues, saying that it’s really fun filming, and his working hard to present a nice image of him to the viewers.

Naughty cute Joongki then teases KS saying: Kwangsoo won’t really be coming out in the drama (We all know that), and so please do not have much expectations…
And Kwangsoo says don’t be crazy. Gosh you two!
They then both said together, Nice Guy, Hwaiting. And asking everyone to anticipate the drama.

The camera man then asked them a question.

Cameraman: Song Joong Ki has always been popular for his good looking face.. (SJK then says the guy is making him embarrassed and Kwangsoo laughs hard)… And Kwangsoo is known for being a betrayal icon (poor kid!).. Who do you think is more popular among you two?

They both then ask, “Why are you asking such a question!”
Kwangsoo then replies Song Joong Ki!
And Joongki replies, Kwangsoo, saying that recently, his really popular because of running man is really popular and all.

The camera man calls them to talk about each other.
Joongki: Can i say curse words?
Cameraman: Of course not, this will be broadcasted!
Joongki: Kwangsoo… Other than his tall height, there’s really nothing much about him.
Kwangsoo: I actually wanted to say nice things about you.
Joongki: Say it then! The title of this drama is “Nice Guy” anyway!

They continue goofing around and Kwangsoo continues saying that he’ll work hard. And the video ends.
These two dorks! 🙂


10 comments on “Nice Guy: Press Conference

  1. Our PRECIOUS~! I’m poking my screenSY as I’m reading. It’s so rare I honestly like/love the leading foursome, so all I’m asking is for this to not suck. Please TPTB!

  2. may I share this post by stating the source?

  3. The guy you adore really gives me Eric’s vibes. He looks like a
    younger version of him o0

    • Now that you say it, he does remind me of Eric. Just a tiny bit though. Apparently people says he looks like Lee Je Hoon, i guess its more like he gives the LJH “feel”. His really cute, you should check him out!

  4. I think when LSY ages more and the baby cuteness leaves his face, he’d be really awesome in an a sageuk.

    Just imagining SY, JK, and HW in a room together makes me think of rainbows and puppies. Three baby faces sitting together. *dies*

    • Hopefully! I hope Sangyeob will get recognised in NG. *crosses fingers*

      I really can’t believe Sang Yeob is born in 1983, cause he really has such a cute baby face.
      Yes, gosh rainbows. The three of them together, looking up into the beautiful sky, thinking innocently, as if they are new borns, and have no worries in this world. LOL okay let’s stop dreaming LOL

  5. my favorite dramaaaaa <3<3<3<3 Nice Guy!!!!!!!!
    ChaeKi best coupleeeee

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