I’ve Fallen for Lee Min Ho?

Now, isn’t he hot? Lose My Heart, LMH. HA. I’ve lost my heart to you, boy. Yes, I’m the latest victim of the Lee Min Ho fandom. Choi Young, will you be my knight in shining armour? Haha, I’m not sure if this will be another time of crushing on this man again, but anyway, he is soooooooo likeable now. I’ve tried all his shows, never completed ANY. But Faith, you’re gonna be one of the lucky dramas i complete this year. Yes, the boy is not the best actor, and his always doing repetitive roles, but…. I fell for him this time. Ok, I shall stop blabbering, or this will turn into a long post. I should be working on some assignments now. Initially, I wanted to have this random post for Park Se Young and Ryu Deok Hwan, but i figured that would be time consuming, since I have so much to say about my royal couple, and I have no time at the moment to do so. And then, I saw this sexy picture of LMH, and so I decided to post this picture on him instead. I’ll do my post on Park Se Young and Ryu Deok Hwan after I’m done with all the work I have in reality, I promise!

Anyway, I’ve been on a blogging hiatus, posting nothing other than about Faith. But i’ll be back soon! I promise!


9 comments on “I’ve Fallen for Lee Min Ho?

  1. Usually dislike this type of long hair on men but because of the Choi Young effect, I can accept it. And there is something about his arms in that t-shirt….

    • Yes, gosh, either photoshop is that great, or he just doesn’t look as slim like how he is in Faith. Lee Min Ho looks so good with this ugly hair. Boy rocks every hairstyle. He even made Gu Jun Pyo’s hair look fine yeah!

  2. LMH=Best eye candy EVER! His arms look mighty fine! My only wish is for him to bulk up on his chicken legs. I don’t like men whose legs look better than mine! LOL! But ultimately it is his smile that does me in. *Swoon* He’s got the face of an angel.

  3. Same here! I’ve didn’t finished any of his dramas prior to Faith and I never thought I’d ‘fall’ for him but man, him as a warrior in Faith won me over. I’m not sure if he still has the same effect on me once Faith is over but for now, I’m enjoying viewing his photos and anything CF I could find.

    The Choi Young hairstyle looks good on in in modern setting.

    • Yes, no guy will look this good with that CY hair in modern setting, other than the man himself. Gosh, we’re in the same boat. I always thought he was handsome and all, but never did i fell hard for him. But Young? I’m sold.

  4. “I’ve tried all his shows, never completed ANY” >>> LOL, the same thing goes to me too, I’m not even finish CH xD I completely fall for him here. I’m watching this for my Philip and Kim Hee Sun (she’s the 1st korean actress I now from drama tomato (1999)!), But “BAM”, Choi Young gain my main attention come into my dreams and my PC wallpaper now fufufu… he even got a good chemistry with KHS… +_+

    • I know right, Lee Min Ho is just killing me here, and i… am falling for him. 🙂 I might not be following him as a hardcore fan forever, but i really like him this time, i’m sure.

  5. Ive fallen for CY – Dae Jang too. I never took notice of LMH before but after watching The Faith- OMG i think Im hooked for life. It sounds crazy I know. But i feel this way for LMH already. I adore his long legs, long hair, long nose – I realized he is one of the most handsome men on this planet.

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