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Happy Birthday, Hyun Bin

Happy birthday, Binnie.

I don’t actually do birthday posts usually, but this guy has got to be an exception. Man is still as fine as ever, and guess what, 72 DAYS TILL HE RETURNS TO OUR WORLD!

Let me remind you why you liked him so much.

I still remember that fateful day, where i teared for him, 7th march… Again, an exception, i don’t usually cry for guys that are not within my reach, unless, well, in a tear stimulating dramas.

Binnie, you know how much i miss you…… right? (Obviously you don’t.)
I’m still a loyal fan of yours, so don’t think that your fans vanished after you left to army okay! This won’t be a post My Lovely Samsoon situation!
Take care for now, and rest well after army and PLEASE pick a GOOD drama after army, so that i can get at least 16 hours of you.

This humble boy, forever deserving of his current fame.

Anyway, I can’t afford to do a long post cause i am in the middle of doing some work now, but whatever the case, Happy 30th birthday my boy!! (In western years, of course.)

Your loyal fan.


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