First Look into MBC’s Anniversary Drama Special, The Horse Healer

One of the shows i’m really looking forward to this year is The Horse Healer, or otherwise known as The Horse Doctor.

I haven’t watched a long sageuk in a long while, and I’m really looking forward to this, firstly, because of Lee Byeong Hoon, who is famous for creating successful and popular historical dramas like Dae Jang Geum, Ballad of Suh Dong, Dong Yi, and many more. The second reason, is of course the cast, which consist of Jo Seung Woo, who is doing his first drama despite being in the industry for over a decade, Lee Yo Won, Lee Sang Woo, Kim So Eun, and many more. Below are some of the pictures taken at the costume fitting session. Don’t get too excited though, the drama won’t air till october, apparently, though earlier, it was stated for a september release, following Golden Time. Maybe they’ll fill in the gap with some drama specials, or maybe they’ll move The Horse Healer forward.

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Character: Baek Gwang Hyun, played by Jo Seung Woo.

Baek Gwang Hyun was a horse healer, who eventually became a royal doctor. He will serve as a royal doctor for two Joseon Kings. When he was younger, he fell for Ji Nyeong while they were studying medicine, but they eventually went separate ways. Later, when they reunited, he finds out that the father she has now, Lee Myeong Hwan, is a man that was related to his father’s death.

Character: Kang Ji Nyong, played by Lee Yo Won.

She disguised as a boy when she was younger, and studied at a medical school with Gwang Hyun and Sung Ha. She later got adopted into a noble family, by Lee Myeong Hwan, who saw her talent in medicine. She later has to choose between her adopted family, and helping her loved one, Gwang Hyun, to seek revenge for his father.

Character: Lee Sung Ha, played by Lee Sang Woo ♥.

Lee Sung Ha is a smart and handsome character, that is a royal doctor in the court. He has always liked Ji Nyeong since they were kids, and he never ever treated her as a sister, despite the fact that she was adopted by his dad. Ji Nyeong, Sung Ha and Gwang Hyun will form the main love triangle. Furthermore, Gwang Hyun and Sung Ha has a complex relationship, as Sung Ha is the son of Lee Myeong Hwan, that was related to Gwang Hyun’s father’s death. So rather than just being love rivals, they have a deeper and more complicated relationship, from way before.

My boy, Lee Sang Woo, sure has a problem with looking at the camera! Never mind, you cute little thing. The camera angle makes his face look smaller than usual though.

Character: Seo Eun Seo, played by Jo Bo Ah.

Character: Lee Myeong Hwan, played by Son Chang Min.

Father of Lee Sung Ha, who will eventually adopt Ji Nyeong. He is a doctor that has a high rank in the court. He was involved in the death of Gwang Hyun’s father.

Character: Jang In Ju, played by Yoo Sun.

Jang In Ju is a skilled medical woman, and she will be Gwang Hyun’s teacher.

Character: Princess Sook Hwi, played by Kim So Eun.

Princess Sook Hwi is the sister of King Hyun Jong of Joseon, and the 4th daughter of King Hyo Jong. Gwang Hyun will treat her beloved cat, and Princess Sook Hwi will fall for him.

We also will be having more stars like Jung Kyeo Woon, Lee Soon Jae, Han Sang Jin, and many others joining the cast, as well as many stars that are set to have special appearance on the drama. Haven’t seen anything from Jung Kyeo Woon for the drama yet, but he plays Prince So Hyun, the eldest son of King In Jo, and King Hyo Jong’s elder brother… That makes him Princess Sook Hwi’s uncle. He was a hostage in the Manchu Court during the Manchu War. According to history, he will die soon after he returns to Korea, in 1645.

Jung Kyeo Woon and Kim So Eun collaborated in an MV before, and they looked rather cute together.

I thought it’d be nice to see them in a drama again, but they probably won’t have any scenes together in the drama. You’ll see why in the later part of this post.

Some character stills

Some pictures of the childstars below.

The cast and crew has been preparing well for the production, and many of them were even sent for a class on acupuncture, needed for their filming in the drama, earlier in July. It’s good to see them working so hard, even taking notes from the class.

It’s really cool, seeing the team putting so much effort behind the screen.

Pictures taken at the script reading session

And finally, some pictures on the set
We have our first special appearance will be by Jeon Noh Min, who will be playing Kang Do Joon, the father of Gwang Hyun.

He’ll be appearing as a doctor who will eventually investigate the reason behind the death of the crown prince, however, in the process, he’ll be framed for conspiracy instead. I suppose the crown prince his investigating about, is Crown Prince So Hyun, played by Jung Kyeo Woon, since according to history, he died after he returned to Korea, and it has been suggested that he was poisoned to death. So Jung Kyeo Woon will possibly only appear as a guest in the drama.

Anyway, more pictures below.


4 comments on “First Look into MBC’s Anniversary Drama Special, The Horse Healer

  1. A real sageuk of the year, finally 😀
    Why does LYW looks like she’s aging backwards?! I swear she looks younger than last year! And that girl playing her younger counterpart really looks like her!
    LSW looks mighty fine in hanbok! Still keeping his cool pose even when practicing..lol, that picture of him poking the acupuncture needle into the pillow with his hand in pocket is funny 😛
    Am I the only one who think JSW can pass as the older version of RDH?

    • I think it’s the hair, she looks so much younger now! I know right, LSW looks mighty cute doing that even though it’s not meant to be cute. I swear LSW is the kind that seems matured and fine, but he’s quite a dork off screen.

      Really? i don’t think so… Maybe cause the way they act is really different!

  2. Love your post! Really looking forward to this one! It will surely be a battle of the sageuks this last quarter of the year until early next year with this and The Great Seer!

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