May Queen: Second Script Reading

Kim Jae Won at the second script reading.
He looks rather tired and frail.
Maybe his is still in pain because of his back. Poor boy.

I say again, May Queen is really not good, I don’t know how much longer i can last with this show. Characters are really stupid… I mean yes stupid.. Level of stupidity is worse than normal Makjang characters.
I mean yes, stupidity of the earlier generation has to happen so that we will have a story to tell, and everything in the drama will play out later, however, this one is… really absurd.
Whatever the case, i got to stay in for KJW and JH. *pats my head*
I wanted to believe KJW had a valid reason for picking this drama.. I mean Jaewon is great at choosing good scripts in the recent years, but i guess this time, it doesn’t exist.


3 comments on “May Queen: Second Script Reading

  1. Dont be like that … its sad when hear something so harsh on something that I actually like hehe …
    Well… you know Makljang can be really pain in the as* if it related to bullying the protagonist character. But I think the story itself not that bad at all. So far I’m quite enjoying watching it despite of seeing Hae Joo step mother evil behavior. Those kids actor actually play well.

    I love Kim Jae Won and I believe his choice will not be a stupid project. Well I hope 😀

    Anyway, thanks for posting this pics, I love this oppa for real ^^

  2. Well you got to admit it since the drama is written by a writer who doesn’t have a strong list of projects. The drama doesn’t have much drive and doesn’t line up the plot with the story either but it manages to conmect the romantic ties together.

    Each scene is rather comical or reckless because the characters are depicted as one-minded or stupid and dumb. Haeju’s character is too fictional along with KS.

    It’s not a bad project but we have o see where it progresses from here on. Wouldn’t give up on it but hopefully the writing and characters will be better written from now on

    • Yeah, i agree about Haeju. How can she be so positive? Poor kid. Well i’m not gonna drop it, cause like i said, i expected it. Makjang is meant to be like that anyway, just maybe not as absurd. Yes, i think it’ll get better, cause i trust Kim Jae Won’s taste too, @bear99

      Let’s just all cross our fingers.

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