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May Queen: Script Reading

Anyone saw that horrendous hair of Jaehee’s? Thank god he got rid of it for the filming.

How fine does my prince charming, mr milky smile, look?:)
Naesung looks like his enjoying his “childish father” character as usual. Such a cute daddy:)

And omg, Park Gun Tae! I think his definitely the first child star i got my eyes on. Yes before Yoo Seung Ho… Since i liked Park Gun Tae in MISA.
I liked him for being cute then, but boy is so fine now.

Funny how i think i will root for Changhee(Gun Tae) when they are kids, but Kang San(Jaewon) when they are big. Or i might just root for Changhee altogether. You know how the child stars always makes you fall for the role fully…. And i love Jae Hee too. I really keep thinking of CYHMH when i see these settings and all. Changhee especially, is so reminding me of Maru.

Too bad, Seo Young Joo doesn’t have a bigger child star role in this drama. I’ll forever love him as young maru.


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