Kim Yoo Jung “May Queen” First Studio Shoot “Soy Bean Paste Make-up”?

“Why is there Soy Bean paste on pretty Yoojung’s face?”

MBC’s new weekend drama special “May Queen” (Written by Son Young Mok and directed by Baek Ho Min)’s first studio shoot along with the launching of May Queen’s official site raised viewer’s expectations.

The drama, who had most of their filming done at Ulsan, had a studio shoot in MBC’s Ilsan Dream Center in Kyeong Ki Do on the 5th of August.

On this day, among Kim Yoo Jung, Park Ji Bin, Park Gun Tae and other childstars and veteran stars such as Ahn Nae Sang, Geum Bo Ra, Lee Hoon, Go In Bum who had joined the shoot, Kim Yoo Jung garnered the most attention.

In the filming photos released, Kim Yoo Jung’s dad, played by Ahn Nae Sang, applied soy bean paste on Yoo Jung’s swollen face, leaving the “Soy Bean Paste massage” there on her face, arousing attention on what the situation is about.


8 comments on “Kim Yoo Jung “May Queen” First Studio Shoot “Soy Bean Paste Make-up”?

  1. Do you think this drama will be able to warm our hearts like CYHMH?

    • I really hope so! Though it seems…. way more intense than CYHMH. I don’t think it can be like CYHMH though. CYHMH is like … one in a million. I’ll trust Kim Jae Won’s taste though… Since CYHMH was just so damn good, so i don’t think it will be those kind of messed up revenge plot… Still, i’m really anticipating it. Hoping i will never drop it. I’m such a fan of Jae Won, and Jaehee forever keeps his spot in my heart with Mong Ryong. Dr Jin should just end now, and 18 August shall come. 🙂

      • I’m also hoping it’s one of those things in which an actor can never go back to a bad script after such a wonderful one like CYHMH. Although that would mean that the actor has fewer potential projects.

        It definitely does look more “darker” but CYHMH definitely had its weightier moments. I just hope the characters for May Queen are as lovable and/or complicated like CYHMH. Damn, I want to do a rewatch.

        • I rewatched the less heavy parts multiple times…. I mean, who can get enough of Dong Ju and Woo Ri… And Youngkyu… and the whole lovely family. CYHMH is definitely my favourite kdrama.

          I’m hoping so too. Han Ji Hye’s char seems really lovely, and from her description as well, it seems pretty similar to Woori. As much as i don’t think it is good to have something similar to CYHMH, or people would say KJW is sticking to the same kind of script keeping safe, but i really do wanna see someone like Dongju again. He seems like he’ll turn a little scary from the teaser…. hoping he won’t. As much as i’d like him to try new roles, Cha Dong Ju is someone i can watch forever. He should ALWAYS keep that smile on his face.

          • It’s the drama that made me fall for his “killer smile” again.

            Honestly, I cared more about Maru/Junha because I connected to that character on a personal level. I know that some people found him frustrating but I wept for him.

            • Don’t worry you’re not alone. I did too. As much as i loved Dongju-Woori, i felt so sad for Maru. He was going through something he did not deserve. He tried so hard to forget his past and live well… So when all these happened, he was afraid. He wasn’t right, definitely, but he definitely deserved our love. Honestly, it’s a question mark for me… How NGM lost the best actor award to KJW. I mean okay, fine KJW is the lead, and he stole a lot of our hearts…. But Junha/Maru obviously showed better acting skills. Swear MBC felt that they needed to give it to KJW… But lol, i’m sure they wouldn’t mind sharing, like how HJE shared hers. Or if they really didn’t want them to share it, NGM could have been nominated for best supporting actor instead… And win. I really thought NGM would be casted in a leading role after CYHMH… but there he is in…. city conquest…. Sigh.

              • Exactly. NGM was so powerful in that role.

                It’s been two years since we last saw KHJ in a drama so I hope he has improved. Otherwise, it’s going to be painful watching City Conquest just for NGM.

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