May Queen: First Teaser

Deep KJW’s voice: “I definitely… not let go”

And Kim Jae Won’s back hug! I can never get enough of his back hug in Can You Hear My Heart. Now i have it in May Queen. He looks exactly the same here, just… his fringe is longer. Oh man, i can’t wait already.

Okay, so from the teaser, it’s obvious. Haejoo(Han Ji Hye) met both KangSan(Kim Jae Won) and Changhee(Jaehee) when they were kids. I guess Haejoo will think Kangsan is poor and all at first, thanks to his dressing, trying to do something with the ships and all? And somehow Kangsan will vanish from them for many years, and Changhee will grow up with Haejoo. *Looks at the cute bike scene with Haejoo and Changhee* I honestly don’t know which ship i’ll take. Is it me, or Kim Jae Won’s role seems darker than Jaehee’s? Well apparently Kang San is a genius. He remembers everything he is interested in well, and can do the exact same thing. However, when he finds out the reason for his parent’s death…… he starts to change. Oh No. Dark? Dark KJW? No!!! His my sunshine. But oh well, makjang for you. I can’t wait though, i mean, i’d like to see a bad KJW as well. But i think it’s impossible.

I really can’t wait.

By the way, is it me or Ahn Nae Sang looks like he walked straight out from the first ep of High Kick 3, just dirtier, and in a worse condition?

Anyway, here’s a pic of the child stars. Seems like they’re getting along fine.
If you haven’t realised by now, Yoojung plays the young Haejoo, Park Ji Bin plays young Kang San, and Park Gun Tae(♥) plays young Changhee.


3 comments on “May Queen: First Teaser

  1. a junior high wearing high heels? is that normal in SK? or just to represent that’s she’s rich?
    i love this quartet…..hope their acting is splendid as well

  2. Are Kim Yoo Jung and Park Tae Gun parodying the Intro to Architecture movie poster (sharing of earphone)?^^

    In addition, maybe she also needs to wear the heels for additional height. YJ and the 2 guys are relatively taller than her, so for it to be less awkward on camera.

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