May Queen’s Character Chart and Description

The love line on the chart is between Hae Ju and Kang San, of course.

Chang Hee is Haeju’s first love, and In Hwa, who is Do Hyun(Lee Deok Hwa)’s daughter, has a one-sided love for Kang San. Gee, there, we have the love rectangle. Oh and between In Hwa and Haeju, rivalry exist. They’re competitors apparently, and jealousy exists between them.

Do Hyun’s wife is Geumhee (Yang Mi Kyung). Ki Chul is Chang Hee’s dad, which is played by Kim Kyu Chul.

Kang San is the grandson of HaePoong Group’s chairman, which automatically makes him the successor of Haepoong Group. Hong Chul and Dal Sun are the parents of Haeju, played by Ahn Nae Sung and Geum Bo Ra. Yoon Jung Woo will be Haeju’s mentor.

That’s all i see in the character chart!

Please credit these translations to redpinkboxes before taking out

(Character: Kang San)
Coming from a background where he lacks nothing, his bright, healthy, and remembers everything in detail as long as his interested in it. He is a talented genius, and started liking Hae Ju from middle school, in which he attended with Chang Hee. He came back to Korea after 15 years, and reunited with Haeju. Haeju started to enter his heart again. Haeju slowly makes his heart race and along with her sweet smile, Kang San slowly opened his heart to her.

(Character: Hae Ju)
Bright and high spirited in nature, always curious, and suprisingly positive. Always considerate of others and is warmhearted by nature, no matter how extreme conditions are, she never gives up and fully commits herself to overcome it. She has a beauty that always makes people’s frustration go away. Due to her stepfather who was once a sailor, she started loving boats from a young age. Rather than just liking it, she likes to fix the ships. Her dream is to make a nice boat for the dad she dearly loved.

(Character: Chang Hee)
A very disciplined perfectionist. He is filled with determination, and is a self-driven prosecutor. Even so, he comes from a not so well to do family, and his father is a butler at Dohyun’s house. His success is attached to sins. He later hears a terrible secret from his father, and had to leave the Haeju he dearly loved. Inhwa chose him, and he therefore became Dohyun’s son in law.

(Character: In Hwa)
She grew up in an environment where she had everything, and grew up with no problems in Massachusetts. She is very stubborn. However, she, who liked the Kang san since she was a young kid, was aware that he liked Haeju. She is unable to stand Haeju, who always smiled brightly despite the bad circumstances she’s put through. She therefore always feels inferior to Haeju. In the end, she stole Haeju’s first love, Chang hee, and successfully married him.

Please credit these translations to redpinkboxes before taking out

After reading all these… wow, complicated.
So ChangHee and Inhwa will get married… Though they won’t love each other.
Complicated. And so, it’s true. Haeju will like Changhee when she’s young.. But probably got moved by Kang San at a stage of her life, but then he vanished… and she moved on with Changhee. And when he reappeared in her life, she can’t help but fall for him again. I’m pretty sure Changhee marries Inhwa because of her family background, and maybe it’s related to the secret he was told about.

These are from the official website.

So…. Which couple do you think you’ll root for?

I’m a sucker for Dongju’s back hugs…. And i LOVE couples riding the bicycle together….
But, i’ll go with the main couple. Or hopefully i will. It’s hard when you don’t ship the main couple.


10 comments on “May Queen’s Character Chart and Description

  1. Don’t make me choose….I can’t imagine if I were to be in Haeju’s shoes! these two men are so hot they’re melting my heart! Hihi 😉

    Just curious…when is the premiere date? or it hasn’t been confirmed yet?

    • It states mid august… It airs after Doctor Jin, so the weekend after this i guess!:) I can’t wait.

      Yes, how does Haeju choose? Oh man, i hope this makjang won’t make me mad. I hope i’ll never drop it….. Somehow, it reminds me of CYHMH though. Hope the role isn’t that similar for KJW.

  2. You mention that Chang Hee had a one sided love for Haeju, but later on , you said, Chang Hee is Haeju’s first love… so, which is which… :)… it’s a bit confusing.. but only one thing is sure, Haeju will end up with Kang-san because Chang Hee will marry Inhwa..

    • Yeah, i’m confused to. But it states there that Changhee is Haeju’s first love. But the character chart say he has a one-sided love for Haeju. So i’m thinking… it’s like how Woori liked Maru in CYHMH, when they were younger? But she loved Dongju in the end:)

    • Oh my, i saw the chart wrongly cause the words were too small. They didn’t say one sided love for Changhee, just first love. That rids the confusion! Sorry!

  3. I wonder who will play the second lead In Hwa while there’s younger In Hwa?

  4. Mmmm I’m surprised that May Queen actually sounds quite interesting and good! KJW oppa sure can pick my type of dramas LOL…
    Since I was able to watch CYHMY? 30ep. I’m sure I will be able to do the same with May Queen, let’s hope it won’t have more than 30 ep ^0^

  5. I always thought that there was something wrong and unreal about Hae Ju and Chang Hee’s relationship. Although they are cute Kang San is a better looker and more romantic. In hwa probally knew that she couldn’t have Kang San but,yet , she felt bad for his bken heart and it’s also kind of a revenge aganist Hae Ju. In the end i’m glad that Kang San and Hae Ju.

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