Nice Guy

Because i’m naturally biased….. I have Sang Yeob’s picture at the top of my post.

Boy is perfect. Those that follow me on twitter should know that I’m 100%… no… 200%.. no, i can’t describe how much i’m in love with I Live In Cheong Dam Dong… in words. It’s too much for words. The drama is perfect. Of course i’m saying this here because Lee Sang Yeob is inside.
I shall not continue blabbering about ILICDD because this post is for Nice Guy. Initially, i wasn’t looking forward to Nice Guy because no matter how much i like Song Joong Ki, or Moon Chae Won… or Park Si Yeon… or anyone else in the cast, well… The story doesn’t attract my attention, and well, i can’t see SJK in that role. Or rather, i can’t see SJK as a leading boy.
The point is, because ILICDD is ending at 170 eps, on this friday.. I need to feed my obsession by… well watching something related to ILICDD… Which is probably this, cause there’s Sang Yeob.
Okay, back to the point cause i can go on and on about ILICDD which is probably why i refuse to post about it. Okay, point. Nice Guy.
Premiering in September, the drama has got plenty of time to prepare, because of Gaksital’s extension, and the olympics.
The stills looks pretty, well the cast looks gorgeous of course. Especially the ladies.

But up first, Song Joong Ki.

(Character: Kang Ma Ru)

Looking as innocent as ever, here we have him again. Boy is apparently best friends with Hyun Woo and Lee Sang Yeob from ILICDD, so.. I’m hoping Hyunwoo cameos? (Beware, this is a very very very bias post.) Anyway, i first saw Song Joong Ki in My Precious Child.. and damn, i had a thing for cute boys back then, so i instantly fell in love. Didn’t help when i saw him in Triple. Riding the bicycle.. with the lollipop in his mouth, chasing the girl. What a sweet boy. Anyway, I’m not too sure about him in a lead role, but we’ll see. For now he remains cute. His character description is that he will go to jail for his ex-girlfriend, Park Si Yeon’s role.. But when he comes out, Park Si Yeon will have a child with Kim Young Chul, which is Moon Chae Won’s dad in the show(They were father and daughter in The Princess’s Man as well)… And obviously, MCW will be the woman he falls for. That sounds… really complicated. Initially, Maru be using Eunji to take revenge on his ex girlfriend, Jaehee, but he’ll obviously for fall Eunji.

(Character: Seo Eun Gi)
Apparently, she’s sickly in the show. Kim Young Chul’s her dad as mentioned.. She and PSY will hate each other in the show, definitely because of Kim Young Chul. SJK’s role will obviously fall for her.. And not just SJK, but Lawyer Park Joon Ha, played by my lovely little Lee Sang Yeob will love her whole heartedly. *Envious*

(Character: Han Jae Hee)

Jaehee will be Maru’s lover.. But she kills someone, and Maru takes the rap for her, and went to jail. She then has an affair with Chairman Seo, and even had a kid with him. I’m not sure if SJK is out to have revenge or sth.. Well its said that he will try to take revenge on Jaehee using Eunji, but hey, how can baby faced SJK….. take revenge on ANYONE?
I love MCW more, but PSY is stunning. I haven’t seen her in a “bitchy” role since My Girl, so i’m pretty excited. I can’t actually see SJK and MCW as a couple… Worse still for PSY and SJK. So them as lovers at the beginning, hmmm i hope it won’t look weird. Honestly, I can see PSY with Kim Young Chul more than SJK. I guess cause PSY always had that matured, classic beauty look. I thought she was having her time, leading in dramas already, but well, here she is, as the second lead. Maybe the role is just something for everyone to look out for, that’s why she chose it.

Now, to the reason why i decided to watch the drama.

(Character: Park Joon Ha)
Lee Sang Yeob plays Park Joon Ha, a lawyer in Taesan Group. His a warm hearted guy, nice and friendly. He will love Eungi wholeheartedly, and always be her guardian angel, though he never obtains her love.

Excuse me while i sob. *sobs* This role is so similar to his in ILICDD. I don’t know if my heart can take it again, crying for his beautiful love. Don’t tell me theres some bromance between SJK and him in the show, then SJK is like Hyunwoo’s substitute? and i get a ILICDD extension? Nah, this drama seems to deep for bromance.

Anyway, here, the rest of the cast.

(Character: Maru’s friend, Park Jae Gil)
Kwangsoo will not… or at least i think.. he will not be playing his usual kind of role.. Though i can’t see him acting in any other way. From High Kick 2, to City Hunter, to Wonderful radio… Always the same old Kwangsoo, but hey, he lights up the screen:)
This time, his character description says his… Mr Perfect? The kwangsoo i know usually isn’t perfect HAHA. He plays Park Jae Gil, Maru’s friend. Perfect guy, from a wealthy family, with good education. He will form a love line with Choco, Maru’s sister.

(Character: Maru’s sister, Choco)

(Character: An Min Yeong)
Another lawyer working in TaeSan Group.

(Character: Young Maru)

KANG CHAN HEE. Okay, im elated. My young Dongju in CYHMH. He had his first role in CYHMH, and boy was stunning. First role he did, he touched my heart. Looking out for this boy:) Just so you know, he was young Micky for DBSK’s Balloons MV.

(Character: Young Choco)

I get more excited as i see the stills, but yeah, i was a big fan of Lee Kyeong Hee’s I’m Sorry I Love You, so i’m hoping to see something half as good:)


6 comments on “Nice Guy

  1. La! Lee Sang Yeob! I thought he would play a bad guy in this drama but I guess not, since SJK is already the “bad” guy. So I get to see more of LSY smiling and being the player he naturally is. Hee!

    • Yes, though i can’t see SJK as the baddie. Neither can i see SY. Main baddie top contender? Kim Young Chul. I love SY, his such a sweet boy.

      • He’s totally winning me over in ILICDD. Such a puppy.

        Don’t you think that HW and SY look a bit a like? Both have the same type of eye. And both look like puppies but SY is the happier looking puppy. HW looks like a daschund. The Gaeddong couple!

        • YESSS! Agreed. I thought they were brothers at first, like in the first 20 eps? Before Hyunwoo and SY met in the show, and when HW’s identity was still unknown… seriously, everything made me think they were brothers in the show. Cause of their faces, and their rich background:) Well, though they aren’t brothers in the show, they kinda were fated to be “brothers”. ILICDD made you pause all your drama watching routines right?

          • Yeah, the only dramas I cared to watch until the next crop was Answer Me 1997 and RMPW but both those are in the back burner. When I have time, it is ILICDD, not anything else.
            ILICDD has consumed me.

            • Yeah i’m only watch Answer Me 1997 now because i have no more ILICDD. But i really ain’t motivated to watch anything else. I just finished ILICDD and i feel so empty now. It kinda conquered my drama brain. I finished 120eps in a week(of course during my holidays)… I regret watching it so quickly now. Post about it soon! I’d love to see people writing on it!:)

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