tvN Regarding Special Episodes Broadcast

“안녕하세요, tvN드라마입니다. 말씀해주신 <인현왕후의 남자>의 스페셜 방송은 처음부터 확정된 바가 없었습니다^^; 팬들의 성원에 보답하기 위해, 스페셜 방송을 제작하기 위해 노력하였지만 제작의 일정에 어려움이 있었습니다. 스페셜 방송을 보여드리지 못해 저희도 정말 아쉽습니다. 죄송합니다.”

“Hello, this is tvN drama. From the beginning, we never made a confirmation regarding the special broadcast episodes for Queen Inhyun’s Man. In order to repay the support that fans have given to us, we tried to make the effort to produce special broadcast episodes, however, we had difficulties. We feel that it is a pity that we cannot show you the special episodes. We are sorry.”


4 comments on “tvN Regarding Special Episodes Broadcast

  1. Waaaeeeeee??????? *pulling the hair*
    Anyway, where do you get the news? Twitter? Facebook? Company website?

  2. Feel so dejected now…..T.T

  3. No………………….. was so looking forward to it…. QIM withdrawal symtoms on full blast….

  4. I always did wanted to ask if they made an official announcement regarding a 2 special episode was gonna air, i guess it was all speculations then…ehehe

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