The Princess and Her Man

One of my favourite couples, Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo.

They’re in Japan promoting from The Princess’s Man, should be going home soon.
Anyway, perfection right?

More pictures other the cut!

And bonus, an individual shot of Park Shi Hoo.

Credit: ChosunOnline

There are more individual shots of this shoot, but I’m lazy to post them.
You can find them on ChosunOnline.

Anyway, TPM is definitely doing well in Japan! I mean, Park Shi Hoo might have been underrated in Korea before this, but he was always loved in Japan. ❤

Some promo pictures

And pictures with the hosts of the Japanese programs!

Haruna should step away! Just kidding!


4 comments on “The Princess and Her Man

  1. the first pic is <33333333333

    • I know, that’s why i chose it as the first pic. Their eyes… shoots stares of LOVE. Allow me while i remain deluded. I know they aren’t together and i know PSH is just good at that, but hey, i will imagine.

  2. OMO omo did my WonHoo heart just skipped a beat?

  3. Beautiful! Glad to see them together again.

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