Ji Hyun Woo’s Tweet

아이고~참!걱정들 엄청 하네~!멀쩡하게 잘먹고 잘살고 있으니까~
Aigoo! There are so many of you that are worried for me. I’m completely fine, eating and living well!
잠수 탄 거 아니니까~걱정마요~!
I didn’t vanish so don’t worry!
나한테 똑같은 상황이 와도 난 똑같이 할꺼니까!
If i were to be in the same situation(back that night) again, i would still do the same thing!
아~그리고 예로부터 남의일에 신경 많이 쓰는 사람치고 잘 된 사람 없다고들 하니~
And, people who always butt into other people’s business, none of them are good people.
적당히 신경써줘요~다 행복하게!
So don’t care too much about what they said! Everyone, be happy!


7 comments on “Ji Hyun Woo’s Tweet

  1. DEAD! I’m SOOO HAPPY right now.. Thanks for translating his tweet love. *hugs*

  2. Thank you SO much for translating this so quickly! *spazz dance around the room* I’m on friggin cloud nine right now. THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you 😀 Glad to hear he will do the same thing again if he have to repeat that night ^^’ Now that people are making too much fuss of it, I’ve turned around and support him all the wayyyy!

  4. Thanks for translating!!!! so glad to hear from him…..good to know he is doing all right…..It’s a pity I will only reach Seoul on 5 July and not before 3 July-if not, if not, I will try to find a way to send him off to army!!!! T.T

  5. Well now, everyone is in turmoil gritting teeth and biting nails when he’s happily doing his own thing, buahahaha!!! He must still be in Cloud 9, XD and he had no regrets and shrugs negative critics..XD Way to go our NUNA KILLER! XD

  6. Oh my god so cute!!
    Thank you!

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