Cyworld Post: Ji Hyun Woo’s Brother

인현왕후의 남자 Queen Inhyun’s Man
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내 개인적으로 지금 껏 동생이 해온 작품중 Best 로 꼽는 작품이다.
현우 본인도 다른 작품들 보다 애정과 노력을 남다르게 느꼈던것
In my opinion, this is my younger brother’s best piece of work.
Hyun Woo also put in more effort and loved this piece more than his other works.

케이블 TV란 제한은, 여 주인공의 캐스팅 마져 힘들게 했고
Because it was produced by a cable station, it was hard to even cast the female lead.
감독과의 사전 미팅 후 현우가 여배우 캐스팅에 나서
직접 연락을 하고 여기 저기 대본을 보내기도 했다.
After discussing with the PD and all, Hyun Woo even had to personally contact actresses he knew, and hand them the script to see if they would like to participate.

그렇게 우여곡절 끝에 너무 너무 좋은 작품이 만들어 졌고
After all the hardship the production went through, they finally came up with a very good piece of work.
끝까지 최선을 다하는 그들의 모습에 박수를 보내며
막방 단관시엔 나 조차 만감이 교차~(음악을 도울수도 있었기에ㅋ)
Seeing them starting from a scratch, and working hard all the way till the last screening in the theatres, i felt just like them.. I had mixed feelings about it. (Because i also helped out with the music for the drama Haha)

그럼과 동시에..
At the same time….

마치 고백 처럼 되어버린 동생의 솔직하고 남자 다운 답변에
놀랍기도 했다.
Hearing my younger brother’s honest yet manly confession, i was also shocked.

현재 둘의 관계는 당사자들이 언급 하도록 하고..
Now, only the involved should talk about it..
현 영장이 7월 인건 사실이나 군 입소 시기는 미정이며,
연락이 두절 되어 걱정 끼치는 일 또한 없다는걸
혹 염려 해주시는 분들께 말씀드리고 싶을뿐이다 ㅎ
It is a fact that he will be enlisting in July, but we are still not sure about his pre-enlistment preparation date. I want to let you guys know that he definitely is still contactable, so please do not worry.

암튼 멋진 작품을 만들기 위해 애쓴 모든 스텝들에게
다시 한번 격려의 박수를 보내드립니다~~
Whatever the case, i want to applaud for those people who worked hard to make this good piece of work again.

Source: http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?tid=30425750


His brother looks like Joo Won to me LOL


7 comments on “Cyworld Post: Ji Hyun Woo’s Brother

  1. thanks for this!!

  2. wow. thank you so much for a very important translation. i was so worried when i read he cut off all contact with his agency, worried for his well being. thank you and his brother at that for calming my worries. i agree he has done an amazing job here, and he is very well loved and appreciated for that 🙂

  3. I wonder if the don’t be scared or meerkat story that YIN told on her radio show is about JHW.

  4. Omo…in my eyes JHW isn’t really good looking but incredible cute since becoming older. But his brother has both: the cuteness AND the perfect face. WOW!!! Cuteness genes runs in this family? I can’t stop looking at the photo drooling :DD.

  5. omg his brother is so hot. like a perfect combination of kang dong won and joo won!

  6. good to see that his bro is rooting for him!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this. His brother is both hot and awesome, just like Ji Hyun Woo himself.

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