Ji Hyun Woo Confessed to Yoo In Na and will Enlist on the 3rd of July

`유인나 사랑고백` 지현우, 7월3일 현역 군입대

배우 지현우(27)가 오는 7월 군에 입대한다.
Ji Hyun Woo(27) will be enlisting in July.

소속사 파라마운트뮤직 측은 8일 “지현우가 오는 7월3일 현역으로 군에 입대한다”고 밝혔다.
His management expressed that Ji Hyun Woo will be enlisting on the 3rd of July.

이 관계자는 “지현우가 tnV 드라마 `인현왕후의 남자`를 촬영하던 중 군입대 영장을 받았다”며 “소식을 미리 알릴 수도 있었지만 입대 전까지 드라마 촬영에 충실하고 싶다는 지현우의 의지가 있어 이제야 소식을 알리게 됐다”고 설명했다.
The representative said he received his draft when he was filming for Queen Inhyun’s Man, and mentioned that they could have released the news earlier, but Ji Hyun Woo wanted to finish off Queen Inhyun’s Man dedicatedly before releasing the news.

지 현우는 2003년 KBS 20기 공채 탤런트로 데뷔해 2004년 KBS 시트콤 `올드미스 다이어로`에 지PD로 출연하며 스타덤에 올랐다. 이후 `오버 더 레인보우`, `메리대구 공방전` `달콤한 나의 도시` `부자의 탄생` 등 다수의 드라마와 `주유소 습격사건` `Mr.아이돌` 등 영화에 출연하며 폭넓은 활동을 펼쳤다. 3인조 그룹 더너츠로도 활동했다. 7일 종영한 `인현왕후의 남자`가 그의 입대 전 마지막 작품이다.
Ji Hyun Woo officially debuted as an actor in 2003, and acted in KBS’s Little Miss Dairy in 2004 as PD Ji. After that, he appeared in Over the Rainbow, Me Ri, Dae Gu’s Attack and Defense Battle, My Sweet Seoul, Birth of the Rich, and many more shows including films like Attack the Gas Station and Mr Idol, and also went into many different forms of entertainment. He even had activities in a band with 2 other members, The Nuts. Queen Inhyun’s Man, which ended its broadcast on the 7th, will be his last project before army.
`누나들의 로망`으로 주목 받기 시작해 `인현왕후의 남자`로 작별을 고하게 된 것. 더욱이 지현우는 7일 밤 열린 `인현왕후의 남자` 마지막 방송 이벤트 현장에서 “유인나 씨를 진심으로 사랑한다. 예쁘게 봐주셨으면 한다”고 고백했다.
Ji Hyun Woo, who got famouse through “Older Woman Romance”dramas, will be leaving to the army with his Queen Inhyun’s Man as his last piece of work. Ji Hyun Woo confessed that he “really loves Yoo Inna” and that he hopes “to get the blessings from everyone” on the 7th night, at the commemoratory screening for Queen Inhyun’s Man.

지현우 소속사 측은 이에 대해 “지현우의 사생활적인 부분”이라며 “청춘남녀가 사랑을 고백하는 일은 흔히 일어나는 일이기 때문에 소속사에서 따로 드릴 말씀이 없다”고 공식 입장을 밝혔다.
Ji Hyun Woo’s managment expressed: “That is Ji Hyun Woo’s personal life and that it is very normal for young guys and girls to confess” so his management said they do not see the need to address the issue.


8 comments on “Ji Hyun Woo Confessed to Yoo In Na and will Enlist on the 3rd of July

  1. I like his company attitude better. They’re basically saying they won’t interfere.

    Well, he said he was prudent person. That really makes me wonder why he acted so impulsively yesterday. But he seemed to be pretty confident about her liking him back.

  2. With JHW enlistment within a month, I am starting to have questions about his love confession. I am working on the assumption that: YIN was in the dark about the public confession, they are not yet dating but looks they are attracted to each other. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in YIN shoes (I hate surprises!), but truth be told I was giddy when I heard him say,”I Love Yoo In Na-sshi.” I just thought he is starting “their love affair” with a confession, them having time getting to know each other more outside of the drama atmosphere and dealing with the blessings and/or repercussions TOGETHER. BUT, BUT……JHW leaving in a months time is like branding someone yours and then leaving them to fend for themselves. Anyways, I like them together and/or separately, so I just wish them well. Hope it really works! I want to see a real happy ending for QIHM OTP.

  3. another interesting piece of news: written by writer Song herself…


    unfortunately,. i’m not in the position to be able to translate this (tired and at work with stuff to do)… help anybody?

  4. Hm…. I see it as a way for JHW show In Na he really likes her and is serious about it.

    Maybe we don’t know his enlistment could make YIN not sure about their relationship or if they would last, and JHW wanted to show he is confident it will and that he does likes her a lot. Maybe it shocked her a bit, maybe she doesn’t like him this much like he does.

    BTW, did you see what InNa said on her radio program? It is true she was kinda sending a message for him. Like ”don’t hide” ??

  5. Is enlisting in military the reason why JHW pick finale screening to confess his feeling to YIN?

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