Queen Inhyun’s Man Episode 16 Written Preview

1년 후.
One year later.
<신 장희빈>을 마친 후 스타대열에 합류한 희진의
일상은 바쁘기 그지없다.
The Heejin that has walked into a life of fame after New Jang Hee Bin, lived a very busy life.
그런 어느 날, 희진은 교양국 피디로부터 다큐 프로그램의
나레이션 섭외를 요청받고..
One day, Heejin receives a request to narrate a documentary program from the director of the culture bureau.
피디는 ‘인현왕후의 남자’라는 제목의 대본을 내미는데..
The title of the script is “Queen Inhyun’s Man”.

Based on the picture…. Lol idk.
If they give me some reincarnation of Boongdo as the end i will kill.
Based on the preview.. I don’t think Heejin remembers… Or does she?

Also, no reason the Queen Inhyun’s MAN… is Boongdo, because he shouldn’t be in history.
Unless he is written in history, as the one that died… based on those 3 arrows in ep 14? But he time travelled already! History shouldn’t be the same!
I’m confused. Let me drown in confusion for now.

Well, with only 1 episode left, i really don’t know how the writer is gonna solve all the problems here…
I’ll just die if she gives me an ending like… Boongdo’s reincarnation appears, and they remember everything. Like RTP, i’d die honestly.
Like Boongdo is the PD of Queen Inhyun’s Man or something.
T____T I will DIE.


8 comments on “Queen Inhyun’s Man Episode 16 Written Preview

  1. agreed, i’d chew the writer off though rather than dying myself 😛 they SHOULDN’T copy other drama’s ending, do you hear me writer!

  2. I’ll die, waiting is killing me.. Please recap ep 16 and load in youtube ASAP ^^ we’ll be glad..

  3. BD must have written that? Right? Did he manage to come back? Or is it just his story… for HJ …. T-T….

  4. Maybe she is actually remembering him… or his purpose was to be in that documentary as well… and maybe will reading his story she will remember him (what he hopes for). Cause look at that short hair! It’s a shame if they have short hair in that era… OMO I need to know! Ep 16 tell me… please, tell me that they will be together ❤

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