Pictures from the Screening + Video Update

Before or after confession?


This is Yoo Inna’s short reaction … being embarrassed.. we can see from her body movements.
After Ji Hyun Woo stated “I love Inna.” He stated that he hope everyone will give their blessings.

And after this part..
Yoo Inna’s reaction.

Yoo Inna was trying to talk about something else, to avoid the questions.
But the host said that they weren’t interested since a confession came already..
Yoo Inna kept giggling and laughing.
The host asked her what is going to happen. Are you gonna agree to date him or what?
Yoo Inna: Yes that’s important too but i will have to wait for this event to be over before we talk about this.(her and JHW.)
I can’t hear what she said next properly, but it seems she stated something like she feels burdened/uneasy/uncomfortable kind of meaning (as in burden as she has to report to everyone now i think..)

Credit for video: Baidu

Where is my Jin Ye Sol?T__T

Credit: ParkHaeJin=HaiDuo on Baidu, DC, Baidu for the pictures.

Ji Hyun Woo looks so dried up… Poor boy must be tired.


8 comments on “Pictures from the Screening + Video Update

  1. Ok so from this fancam it seems less dramatic than a conversation you translated before. I have to say I’m relieved. Because when I read the translation from your earlier post it hurt to read her answer “no… we’re not dating” and him saying “What is with you today? You aren’t like this usually!! I will only say things i am confident in..” = because that sounded like a complete rejection to me. So I will believe those two videos where he confessed he loved her, but she didn’t reject him immediately and said they would talk about it later in private.

    • Nonono that conversation was before the confession!!! And it was said jokingly from JHW to YIN. Im sure because he said what’s with you today… and you usually arent like this. (Implying to fans about their flirting)” Then he said “I didn’t think we had anything going on before this, but now we have to talk about it.” He was probably still hesitant about confessing at this point. You must think of it in a joking way, like those flirting times for fanservice to fans. “pretending they are dating”.. Hahaha i got this experience cause of some of the couples i shipped before.

      If the lines you quoted made you think that JHW was rejected, that means that they were dating before today, which of course wasn’t the case according to them.

      He says that he will only say things that he is confident in. Which means that his confident that through this confession, he will get YIN.

      I never mentioned that she rejected him!!! Hahah hope this clarified things for you.

      • Ok, so when a fan asked whether they were dating and he answered it was BEFORE this fancam? Because he said he liked her according to your earlier post. So it means he said he liked her and then he said he loved her (in this fancam)?

        • I don’t know because i was just translating based on the weibo tweets… and they didn’t post in order. But I’m pretty sure it’s before. It’s just that the fans told everyone the part where he said he liked her first…
          Im not sure if what there was 2 separate occasions … if he said liked first then love, because i only saw the clip of the love one.

  2. I forgot to thank you for the updates and translations! Thank you so much for this!

  3. ahhhh, my heart, be still, i knew there was a reason why i was hooked on this drama first episode….OHOHOHO….gO BIG OR GO HOME, wat a guy~~~ if nothing else, YIN should commend his bravery for doing that. Since he is enlisting, im sure he thought about it a lot when he realized his feelings were real, im guessing he sincerely wants to be with her and rather than test the waters without a probability of being exclusive with her before he enlists he just went all out and let the chips fall where they may…hed say hed have no regrets for telling people he loves her…XDDD…seriously, its straight out of a manga!

  4. I wonder if both of them can sleep well tonight??? Hahaha….i even tweeted to Ji Hyun Woo’s twitter account to express my approval! (using my limited Korean knowledge..)

    Hope their companies will release good news tomorrow…

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