Kim Jae Won is Currently in Talks for May Queen

Kim Jae Won is currently in talks for May Queen.

Kim Jae Won is currently in talks for MBC’s weekend drama, May Queen.
A representative from Kim Jae Won’s management, Khan Enterprise states:”Kim Jae Won is in talks for taking up the role. He is still reviewing it, and it’s likely that he will appear, however, his appearance is not finalized.”

Kim Jae Won recently got offered to be the lead in May Queen, and the media was notified on the 6 of June. May Queen will air after MBC’s Doctor Jin, and it will be revolving around the lives of successful young people.

The female lead, Han Ji Hye, has been confirmed, and the production team is still in the process of discussing and casting the main characters. The PD will be the director of “The Flame of Desire”, Baek Ho Min, which was a megahit when it ended last year.

Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=201206070935501119&ext=da

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Kim Jae Won is still in negotiation for his appearance in May Queen in August, following Doctor Jin. In October last year, he met with an accident on the set of Me Too Flower, and had to withdraw from the drama. Since, he has been resting and recovering.

He had to postpone his fanmeets in both Japan and Korea back in March because he had not fully recovered. Since, he had received several proposals to act, but due to his injury, he was unable to do so.
May Queen is a drama revolving around the fulfilling of dreams for young people in a shipbuilding industry. The drama will touch on the love between a man and a woman, betrayal and revenge in the older years of Korea. The story will be written by Son Young Mok(President and Empress CheonChu) and Kim Nam Gyeong(Ground Zero and Auction House), and it will be directed by Baek Ho Min(Assorted Gems and Flames of Desire).

Han Ji Hye has been confirmed for the lead role, and filming will begin in July.




Kim Jae Won, MY LOVE.

Anyway, seems to be a makjang… Revenge… Betrayal… by the director of Flames of Desire.. But it seems to be a drama on ambitious people as well.. It is gonna be written by 2 screen writers.. I’m not sure about Writer Kim, but President and Empress Cheonchu seems to be dramas on ambition and career…

I’m assuming the strong one here will be Han Ji Hye, since… It’s May QUEEN afterall.

Well, as long as i get my KJW back, i shall be happy.

Credit @Kpopanda: MBC May Queen is story about travelling through the lives of 2 people who were born during rough days of Korea, a world filled with revenge.

Guess it’s a period drama, i’m so excited. Han Ji Hye looks gorgeous in the 70s-90s clothes in East of Eden. I AM SO EXCITED.


4 comments on “Kim Jae Won is Currently in Talks for May Queen

  1. Hope it doesn’t end like fashion king.

  2. the name ‘May Queen’ sounds like a ship name. hehe. anyway…July/August season is so going to be a busy time for drama addicts 😉

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