Ji Hyun Woo’s Confession (With Fancam)

A fancam is out.  You can hear it from here.

Credit: http://virtual3d.blog.me/50142948434

It starts of with him saying about the confession scene he had to do in episode 14.. And he was preparing for it.. And preparing his tears… And then Yoo Inna came and put in the ear piece for him, which was playing a song from the OST. He said his tears couldn’t stop… And so.. “I want to honestly tell you all.” Then he drags on… and fans start to giggle..

“I want to say this in front of all of you fans here. I love Yoo Inna.”

He actually said love, and not like. Too bad we can’t see Yoo Inna’s expression. This, better come out in the DVD in HD.

Credit: PuHaiZhen=Haiduo Baidu.
Just a little rant.
Anyway, i don’t really like his confession. It reminds me of Go Young Wook to Park Ha Sun in High Kick 3… that ep really angered me because YoungWook didn’t give Hasun a choice by confessing in front of a huge crowd.. She couldn’t say no because everyone was aware of it. Hasun, in the show, ended up having to date Youngwook for months because she was really a nice and sweet girl.

Well, i’m hoping of course that this couple will end up together happily, but i really kinda wished he confessed in private.
It’s impossible for YIN to say no now, and of course she won’t be able to do so even if she wants to (which i doubt so), since YG won’t allow her to not agree. Serves for publicity.. Unless YG’s no dating rule applies to her, but i doubt so.
I mean of course it’s beautiful when JHW says he loves her in front of the crowd.. And it’d be lovely if YIN feels the same way too(which i think so), however, i still think he was kind of rash.
IF…. that 1% of IF.. If she did not like him in the same way, how will she ever get out of this situation?
Furthermore, he is gonna enlist soon. That means he will be gone for 2 years. Yoo Inna is 30 already.. I mean, i swear she likes it, but i do think it’s kinda unfair for YIN.. Because she’s 30… His going into the army.. for 2 years, she will be alone if she agrees to go out with him. And what if …. what if their relationship doesn’t last? I’m just saying if. We can’t ever be sure of the future.. So yeah, maybe it would have been better if he confessed in private, and gave YIN time to think. Because now, she would definitely have to agree, because to the thousands of us, it was romantic, and she has no reason not to reject JHW.

Please ignore my mini-rant. I just needed to rant. HAHAHA.
Well that’s how i did feel if i didn’t like the guy.
Anyway, the confession was still sweet. I melted when he said “I loved Yoo Inna”.

I really liked it.. at the same time i didn’t since, i’m a girl too, afterall.

Whatever the case, he confessed, so let’s leave it at that.


22 comments on “Ji Hyun Woo’s Confession (With Fancam)

  1. OH…I cant get over the fact that he really confessed….Inna-shi….PLEASE SAY YESSSSSSS

  2. and what about your previous post about she denying dating him and him saying “WHY are you like this today?” According to this fancam nothing describing in the previous post happened. Right?

    • I’m not sure about that. But she’s not rejecting him. That was before this video! So at that point, she wasn’t aware that he likes her yet, and wants to date her.

  3. we cant see her expression but it seemed like it took her a few seconds to register what he said, LOL…but her body action was HUGE! (she moved toward KJW?)

  4. I don’t think this is the complete video, is it? Anyhoo, HOW ADORABLE IS JHW?

  5. Yes, it that would be nice if we can see her expression upon him admitting their relationship?
    When that comes out, kindly post it. Thanks

  6. Well she did post on me2day… saying was should I do? Could she be reffering to this???

  7. This is what she wrote: 모르겠다..내가 잘 살아갈수있는건지ㅡㅡ 괜찮니 인나야!?!?•0• 인나야인나야인나야인나야희진아희진아희진아인나야희진아인나야희진아인나야희진아 옹?!?!

  8. True! I get your point. He didn’t say it directly to her “I love you”… He said it to the public “I love YIN”… glad he said afterwards we need to talk (but shouldn’t you have spoken beforehand?)… Maybe YIN was saying to him you better not, but he did (like DM when he wanted to do that at the award)…

  9. Public confessions are awkward but I seriously doubt it was completely out of nowhere. Real life isn’t a drama. I’m sure he told her (he liked her/ wanted a rationship) before he actually made the full announcement if he wanted to date her. Shocking women in public is played as cute on TV but that mess isn’t at all appropriate in reality. These people are actors. What they do is entertain and what they want is attention. If anything is true about the entire RL experience for QIHM its that everything is about the drama. Not belittling their relationship (if there really is one) but ultimately its true.
    As for girls waiting for military service, sure, its hard but she was already single ne? It’s not like she was thinking she would be married in a few months, nor does she have to wait 2 or 3 years for him to go and then come back.
    Personally it might be a good thing for all things really do happen for a reason in their own time. She may be 30 but she’s not old, believe me. Neither will she be when he returns. If they are serious and it’s right for them, it will work out and possibly be stronger for it. Depends on the woman, on the man.
    Ultimately, I guess it’s just not for us to judge, being we aren’t them, weren’t there, and have no real way of knowing the truth, his real intentions or their motivation.
    If it’s true I’m glad for them, but either way, I liked their drama and clearly they had a wonderful time together while they filmed it. For that, I’m grateful.
    (I’m just saying, since I’m a woman too, I get him taking the chance he has instead of harboring a one-sided crush for 2 years and missing his chance. Plus what’s worse is never saying anything making the girl feel like she was insane or she got the signals wrong. Oops just my tiny rant.)

    • First I also thought JHW is not being considerate by confessing in public. It’s awkwaard and really putting pressure on the girl, kind of like Dong Min insisting to confess to Hee Jin on an award ceremony. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

      But if they already dating before, and this is just to raise up expectation, then maybe that’s fine although I’m always iffy about people using relationship as a marketing tools. Not blaming JHW but more to whoever plan this behind the screen.

      • At first i thought they might have been dating before, and using it as a marketing scheme now.. as in the production team.. But if it’s not, it would really have been kinda inconsiderate since YIN’s a girl after all. But if she was waiting for him to confess because she liked him as well, and he knew that… it is sweet.

    • For me is that… I think all he can say is like….. I don’t know. She’s not old for an actress, definitely, but it still isn’t right to ask for him to ask her to wait for him…

      I don’t know which drama i watched before.. HAH but it had something like this i guess.
      “Im not asking you to wait for me for 2 years. But if we are both single and that we still like(love) each other… then we can be together then.”
      HAHAHA okay I’m daydreaming enough enough HAHAHA

  10. Err, I believe he knows how she feels too, and I think they were dating before – and JHW just made it public. True it can put In Na in a bad light, but if she likes him, there is no problem, there is? Dating free is so much better.

    And I guess she just didn’t expect to him confess in front of everyone there. I would be shocked too, LOL.

    And about the army, you say 2 years, but no people. They do have free days on army too, if I’m not wrong they have visit once a month or twice a month? IN and JHW can talk through cellphone and text each other and see each other twice a month, so I don’t think it is that bad because they wouldn’t meet that much even if he didn’t go to army because IN’s schedule is full and she is very busy! I think he is also after doing QIHM…

    I hope tomorrow we have a confession from In Na too… a cute one. Aww .

    I really hope she likes him back, if not, then yeah that was a rash thing to do JHW!

  11. They are in a relationship now but Hyun Woo ssi is in military…I hope the truelove that they have will ignore their temporary seperation and will still taste sweet after 2 years of military service.

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