Ji Hyun Woo is Enlisting and Updates about Their Relationship

Ji Hyun Woo is enlisting this year.
Basically the article states that Ji Hyun Woo is gonna enlist by this year, and that he confessed to Yoo Inna before doing so.
The article had Ji Hyun Woo’s ” I really love Yoo Inna”
And the statement of “After we leave this place, we will talk and i’ll share about it.”
And the article talks about him being born in 1984, and how he has to enlist soon because of that.
(I won’t go into the details)
The article talks about him confessing now due to the fact that he doesn’t have time left to confess before he enlists.
Apparently his Mum and brother were at the venue as well, listening to his confession. A representative stated that Ji Hyun Woo would not joke over this kind of thing. Earlier, rumors of YIN-JHW have surfaced, but both sides denied back then.


지현우 소속사 관계자는 “사전에 예정된 것이 아니다. 우리도 당황스럽다. 사태를 보고 있다”고 전했다.

Ji Hyun Woo’s company stated: “This wasn’t prepared beforehand. We were also very shocked about his confession. We will have to see what happens.”

이날 지현우의 깜짝 고백으로, ‘인형왕후의 남자’ 마지막회 시청 후 예정됐던 케이크 커팅식 등 예정됐던 행사는 모두 취소됐다.

Ji Hyun Woo suddenly confessed on the finale screening night. Due to this, the session to cut the cake in celebration was even cancelled.

관계자는 “지현우가 현장 종료 후 즉시 귀가, 유인나에 그 같은 말을 한 의중을 아직 파악하지 못했다”라며 “8일 오전이 돼야 이번 일과 관련한 소속사의 공식입장을 밝힐 수 있을 것 같다”고 말했다.

A representative stated: “After the event ended, Ji Hyun Woo rushed home immediately. We are still unsure if Yoo Inna feels the same way as him. We will probably have to wait till 8th June’s afternoon before we can release statements on the situation.


Accordingly, during the lucky draw, Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo whispered a lot to each other. And whenever it gets awkward for Yoo Inna, she would try to lean towards Kim Jin Woo’s side. But whenever she laughed, she put her hands naturally by JHW’s chair.

Updates at the event just now. I’m not sure how reliable it is, i’m just translated what i see. All these aren’t in sequence, just based on what the fan remembered i guess.

LET ME REPEAT. These statements are not in order!

The host asked if any fans wanted to ask anything. So a fan asked…

Fan: “So are you two really dating now?”

Ji Hyun Woo: Yes.. (It was more of a comment like Yes before he carries on, not because he was saying Yes to the question.)

So the host asked: Are you guys really dating now?

Ji Hyun Woo: Regarding this… When i was filming A thousand kisses, i was feeling really depress. This is because every scene was really saddening, and i had to cry everyday. So i’ve been sad since then..

JHW: When I picked this show, the director promised me that he will give me someone cute to make me happy, and he really did give me what he promised!

Host: Don’t reply me regarding the show! I want to hear more about your true feelings.

Ji Hyun Woo nodded his head, and after a few seconds, he said…: “I like Yoo Inna”.

Everyone was shocked in the theatre… Yoo Inna was dumbfolded as well.

Host: Let’s ask Yoo Inna if they are really dating.

Yoo Inna: No… we aren’t dating!

Ji Hyun Woo: What is with you today? You aren’t like this usually!! I thought that we didn’t have anything on actually… But I think after today’s event, we will have to talk about it.
Ji Hyun Woo: I’m a person that when i pick any drama, or do anything, i am very prudent.. Everyone around me knows this..

He paused for a while.. and continued..

Ji Hyun Woo: I will only say things i am confident in..

Everyone was stunned again.. And Yoo Inna too.
The host asked about the tiptoe kiss.

Ji Hyun Woo: That was my idea. The script said. The script stated that the first kiss will be a light and sweet one.. The second one will be a passionate one.. I always wished that when i have a girlfriend, i can kiss my girlfriend like that. And Yoo Inna agreed to my suggestion as well. My foot and Yoo Inna’s foot matched really well.

Yoo inna kept laughing as he said it..

He continued: That scene was filmed as a panning shot, so i could do it the way i wanted it..
The host asked Deukki who should we choose between Ji Hyun Woo and Kim Jin Woo..

She chose Kim Jin Woo.

DK: Ji Hyun Woo is a very popular guy. I don’t wanna go for a popular guy, it’d be too tiring.

The host asked Kim Jin Woo who is ideal is.
Kim Jin Woo jokingly said his ideal was Ji Hyun Woo.
The host then asked the fans to guess who YIN’s ideal is. Of course the fan said Ji Hyun Woo. The host then said that if Yoo Inna’s answer is just like theirs, the fan will get a gift.
Yoo Inna:”If my answer is like hers, then she’ll get a present?”
Host: Yes!
Yoo Inna thought for a while… and then she asked the fan.
Yoo Inna: You want the present?.. This question… My ideal is Kim Boong Do! Yes it’s Kim Boong Do! But truthfully, i like both of them, KJW and JHW.. Both of them have different types of charm.. I hope that their charm can be combined for me! (Ah, what a way to avoid the question girl!)

Yoo Inna: Whatever the case, I like Kim Boong Do! (Instead of choosing between KJW or JHW)
Ji Hyun Woo asked if there was any american fans in the venue.. And there was one. He gave his guitar to that fan (T___T  omg he loves his guitar so much! He must be elated tonight that’s why)

The host asked if DK had any kiss scenes. She said no.. She asked KJW as well.. He said only a light peck on Heejin’s lips.
Ji Hyun Woo then stated that it’s unfair! Yoo Inna had kiss scenes with 2 people, he only had it with her. ” You all know that in Joseon, i could have had kiss scenes with Yoon Wol.. But i didn’t have..” He then looked down and laughed.. (LOL)

(I’m going to sleep now! So that’s all with the updates!)
Credit: Queen Inhyun’s Man’s Crazy team on Weibo
Accordingly Yoo Inna seems to have gotten out of her character already, but Ji Hyun Woo is still unable to do so..


Credit: Osen DC Baidu Weibo.


11 comments on “Ji Hyun Woo is Enlisting and Updates about Their Relationship

  1. Hahaha cute KJW… teasing JHW like that XD
    YIN say yes! Hope they had a nice talk! Awww… JHW is so cute! He seems so sincere!

  2. That’s great if it’s true, but some times characters gets so involves in their role playing.
    They set aside some reserve feelings, but others go all out!! We’ll see if it works out?
    Just keep us posted on any news..thanks


  3. his guitar is his aein . and then he gave it away..

  4. I’m gonna miss JHW (when he goes to the army)!

  5. OMG..i watched the video…did he just said SARANG hamnida and not choe-ah hamnida????? O.O She does really seemed shocked!

  6. On Noooo. Why go to army now?


    I hope he went after one or two years! Then they could date a bit, if he goes just like this then they won’t last T________T

    What you guys think? They are dating or In Na won’t accept? I’m dying here.

    • I don’t think she’ll accept “directly”… I think she will say “We’ll see after two years”… “Come back quickly :P”

  7. Maybe he is going to army after he confessed like this and she rejected him? I hope not

  8. GO BIG OR GO HOME>…..how can he be so cool~~~ that’s a man…hahaha

  9. I soo love them both..the Inhyun Couple. I hope Hyun Woo ssi comesback soon…miss them together!

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