Spoilers for EP 15 of Queen Inhyun’s Man (Mini recap)

I don’t have the paid solive so i can’t provide a recap! Sorry guys.


Im just gonna update spoilers.

HJ woke up happily. she went to her drawer and looked at the talisman. She recaps to how he gave it to her yesterday night. He said there was no use of it for him anymore. She says she’ll lock it up in the bank or something.  BD called. She hid in the toilet and picked up the call. They talk and BD is living in a very big and nice house.

It was 1am and he called HJ to ask questions about the clock and other stuff about life in 2012. BD expressed that he must quickly learn the way of living in 2012.  HJ doesnt know how to answer alot of them. He then goes to his ties and asks about the use of ties. (he’s obviously trying to get her over to his place)

HJ goes and find BD… He lives just 5 mins away from her.

She goes and helps him wear the tie… She says, she might not know other of his questions, but she knows about the tie. Saying that wives usually wears ties for their husband like that every morning. She says the use of the tie is to pull people.. and then… a kiss. She asks if he doesn’t like the use of the tie… he says he likes it, of course!

She then holds him by the tie, and pulls him with it. Meanwhile SK wakes up at home, realising that heejin was gone again…….. Back to HJ and BD. They lie together on his bed. HJ then mentions about how he had to travel across 300 years in the past, now all they needed was a 5 mins walk.

Next day… She was with SK… after her shoot i guess.

She then goes to find BoongDo at an italian restaurant. She waves to him from outside the restaurant, then goes in, and pulls his tie again. LOL

She starts to feed him the noodles… but in the end, they ended up eating the same noodle… And it ends with a kiss. They then walk in the night in the park together.

He suddenly gets transported to 2012.

In 1694, BD still has the handphone he was carrying.(WOW….) The talisman falls from the sky…. and it turned black. It’s gone forever. (Omg how is he gonna go back to 2012 now)

HJ asks SK to check her drawer for the talisman… and of course it’s not there.

BD goes and find YW but YW wasn’t around.  BD is dressed in his ninja attire again. Something seems to have happened to Yoonwol… Blood was on the floor at yoonwol’s place. BD follows the blood…(NO MY YOONWOL!!!)

BD holds her hair accessory and goes around the place to find Yoonwol.

He finds YW, badly injured… bleeding profusely T____T

YOONWOL DIED. BD is said and cries……. (DAMN YOU JASU)

BD cries badly…. We see a recap of Jasu, being in the gisaeng house.. and then he goes to find Yoonwol… and of course Jasu was the one that killed Yoonwol(I KNEW IT… SEE YW WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO LIVE PEACEFULLY WITH YOU GONE BD)

BD goes and find Jasu… and they start fighting… after fighting for a while, Jasu injures BD… BD, filled with anger, killed Jasu by the neck. BD then collapses?

Heejin, meanwhile, was still waiting in the park at the phone booth area. She goes into the phone booth and waits…

BD struggles to go to the temple to find the monk, and reports that YW’s dead T___T He wanted to send YW off well…

Next morning, some people find the dead bodies ..

BD is still at the temple.. BD shows the monk the talisman that turned black.

Meanwhile, heejin, in a new attire, was still waiting at the park.

Heejin is sad of course.. and cries.

BD then returns to the place where he usually hides his stuff. and changes to his suit…

He recaps to his conversation with the monk… He asks the monk if…. dying to live… dos that statement still work on him? Then back to now, he holds his phone(back to his 2012 self and all) and he commits suicide with his sword…

(The talisman turned black because Yoonwol died. it was trying to notify BD that YW died. I think it was because she was the one that prayed for the talisman, so the talisman was “born” because of Yoonwol… The talisman is effective because she prayed for him with all her heart… )

It worked.. He went back to 2012. (This means that even till death… Yoonwol’s love lives on, and due to her love, the talisman still works).

He calls HJ and walks towards her… They reunite.

Oh no.. they didn’t. They talked on the phone and he asks why was she crying, and if she waited here all these while. She replies that he vanished here, so she must wait here for him. As he was about to reach her, as he walked to her.. he stretches out his hand.. But he vanishes.

Heejin starts to cry, kneels on the ground in the park and cries… and BD, back in 1694, cries as well.

LOL wtf is wrong with the writer. I’m so nervous typing this.

Back at home, Heejin was crying badly, and SK tries to console her. She tells SK that she might not be able to see him again, and continues crying. SK hugs her, and they both cry together(Oh friendship:) )

Heejin looks sad in 2012.. Pale and DM seems like his trying to chase her again.

BD rides his horse in 1694… and he goes to find the monk that made the talisman… that monk… died apparently. BD lies on the floor, and cries….

He says “When the talisman was torn into half back then, everyone forgotten about me.. Only one person remembered me. If i burn this talisman, will i be able to make her forget me? In order to go back, i’ll do anything i can.. But if i am unable to return, it’s better if i make her forget me right?” He cries. T__________T (excuse me while i sob)

He then returns home and writes a letter to HJ… as he wrote, he thought of their memories.. Something like that….”In the future, i probably won’t remember you. Having this talisman, i was able to meet you. I thought i would be able to stay in that world. But i finally realised that for my life, a lot of things had to be lost. My reputation, my people, my life, the monk and you… How much more do i have to pay? I want to see you… and that’s a luxury to me. I want to remember you, and you… i hope that when you see the letter next time, i hope you don’t know who wrote it…” (Something like that, i think it’s more of a letter to himself).

HJ goes to the park in 2012. They both cry in 2 different worlds.

He folds the letter… and cries… and he burns the talisman.

They both cry… and the ep ends.



Writer goes to my hate list. Gave me a roller coaster ride, and i don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. BD tore my heart into pieces today… With his letter.

“I want to remember you… but you, i hope when you read this letter, you won’t know who wrote this.”

Okay firstly BD, then idk what the point of this letter is, if you hope she forgets you, cause you freaking tore my heart with this, and if i were to be HJ, and if i were to have forgotten about you as HJ, i will still cry because even without knowing your story, this letter breaks my heart.

But what i really loved was how Yoonwol is their fate.

She prayed for the talisman with all her heart, and because of the talisman, his life was saved many times.. But once she died, he had to return to 1694, cause she was the reason the talisman worked for him. So now that she’s dead, the talisman won’t work anymore.

But he still was able to return to 2012 for a moment, probably because her love for him lives on when she dies. Still, it wasn’t enough.

Okay because i love YW so much, i probably came up with something that isn’t right LOL. But this is what i’ve got from what i know, and i do really think so.

Yoonwol, you break me. I’d love you if i was BD.

I’m just pretty sad about HJ’s char in the show. She just basically waits in 2012 all the time.. crying and waiting for his return. There’s nothing she can do… I want her to have more involvement in the show, but the way the writer wrote her, she just can’t be involved. It’s just frustrating.

So anyway, no matter how much i love BD-HJ, YW owns the show for me.

Still, BD’s letter might have been cliched… like in any drama like this… (thinks back to dramas like sorry i love you and all)… But i still loved his letter.

So, DAMN YOU WRITER. Give me a damn ending like your other shows, i’ll blacklist you.

Even if it’s a sad ending, make it nice. High Kick’s ending was shitty.

Anyway, brilliantly written episode (i have a love-hate relationship with the writer).

I love everything about BD and YW here, HJ was just left there helpless so i shan’t comment…. But i hate how she had to make BD appear and vanish and appear and vanish through the whole show, making HJ just wait there helplessly. I guess that’s the main thing about the show, but i really can’t take it.


Anyway, finale tomorrow. Ready girls?


30 comments on “Spoilers for EP 15 of Queen Inhyun’s Man (Mini recap)

  1. Either way, I appreciate the other recaps….Thank you so much…and thanks for the spoiler!

  2. Thank you for the recap! I hope you’ll be able to provide more updates.

  3. Oh no! T-T… Poor YW! Hate JS! Till the end he made a lot of trouble! So the talisman vanished?! How is BD going to get back?…
    Redpinkboxes thank you for the spoiler! 😉

    • “He recaps to his conversation with the monk… and he then holds his phone(back to his 2012 self and all)” === he goes back to the future?

  4. Oh my! Redpinkboxes… you gave me a scare! Thank goodness he went back to 2012 =)

  5. I’m totally speechless with tonight’s episode!!! I so hate the writer now!

  6. He burned it! She will forget him… it’s like nothing happened! Oh no! </3…. Will he be reincarnated and meet HJ in the future? … (I don't want that to happen .. I want BD from the past with HJ from the future) Q.Q….

  7. Thank you! I was trying to follow the baidu thread, and even with my limited Chinese, the screencaps and comments obviously reflected a roller-coaster ride. Kudos to the writer. And the cast.

    I think the talisman must go. They cannot control its power

  8. Any ep16 preview?

  9. sorry, didnt say thanks for the updates! i have only read the recaps but already its killing me! hopefully the ending will wrap everything up. trust the writer-nim to have happy ending tomorrow. *pray*

  10. Oh yah! Thanks for the reminder! Thank you for all your hard work:)

  11. Got to agree with your comments! I don’t like the fact that, once again, Hee-jin is sitting around in 2012 waiting and crying, powerless to do anything at all. I wish the writer could have given her more agency, but that would have changed it story too.

    Yoon-wol – I have no words to describe the strength of her love, if it was able to allow BD a brief moment in 2012 even after her death. Wow. I’m with you in this one; I wish there could have been some way to see her happy. Compared to her, Hee-jin’s impulsive nature does not show up well.

    Boong-do’s letter. River of tears. As always, thinking to spare her more grief, just as he was willing to leave her life quietly when he found out she was dating Dong-min. Enough said.

    Ready for episode 16! Bring it on! And it had better be good.

  12. I do not hate the write. Quite the opposite. She is gorgeous. And if I do not like the ending tomorrow Part 14 will my official happy end :D.

  13. OHMIGOD. What is this?! 😮 And I thought YW would get a happy ending! 😮 Also… the letter. Did BD write that in Joseon time? Then maybe it will be exhibited in the future and then HJ will find it in some sort of twist? AND THEN BD–or his reincarnation or whoever if he doesn’t find another talisman to transport him back to the future–WOULD APPEAR IN HJ’S LIFE. 😮 I dunno. Episode 16, we all need you! 😮

  14. Oh now. **Expressing Shock and Dismay**! I figured it would go back in time but not like that! I sure hope they don’t go the route of RTP! Technically Boong Do is dead so there will be no news of him in the Annuals! I cannot even imagine how this will end! I hope what we saw at the beginning becomes part of the ending!

  15. Thank u for the recap. Been waiting for hours for it as I am not living in Korea. I really hope there is a good ending to this beautiful story. Can’t wait for tomolo finale!

  16. thanks for the recap **hugs**
    hoping for happy ending

  17. Remember how HJ always wanted that BD write her in history books… Like that she was there with him when he first flew an airplane… I think BD will write the most wonderful love story and will use HJ’s name… and it will be a famous book. Present HJ thinks that her name must come from the book… She will say “I love this writer” … wish he wasn’t so old (300 years)… Wonder how ep 16 is going to be like!… I doubt he will be able to go back to the present/future (there is no talisman/YW)…

  18. Thank you very much. every week you make me happy with your recaps because in my region, I must wait long time for eng sub. thank u very much!!!!!!!

    and sad ep. I cry….cry….cry…. I wanna a happy end!!!!

  19. And the episode ends with a subtle change in HJ’s facial expression, difficult to notice and even more painful when you do……..

  20. Another RTP ending is unacceptable…sure they reunite in the end but the male lead has to suffer his ENTIRE former life first

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