Queen Inhyun’s Man’s Ji Hyun Woo-Yoo In Na … Sad that the Drama has Come to an End

배우 유인나와 지현우가 tvN ‘인현왕후의 남자’ 종영을 앞두고 소감을 밝혔다.

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na shared their feelings about Queen Inhyun’s Man coming to an end.

두 사람은 지난 3일 서울 상암동 CJ E&M센터에서 tvN 수목극 ‘인현왕후의 남자’의 마지막 촬영을 진행했다. 이날 촬영을 마친 후 출연 배우들과 인증샷을 남기며 아쉬운 마음을 전했다.

The two of them filmed their last scene in Sang Am Dong where CJ E&M’s company is located at on the 3rd of June. The cast took pictures together to keep as memories, however, they also conveyed their disappointment that the filming has ended.

유 인나와 지현우는 “이렇게 행복한 작품을 또 만날 수 있을까”라며 입을 모았다. 연기자로 데뷔한 후 첫 주연을 맡은 유인나는 “나를 믿어준 감독님과 작가님께 진심으로 감사하다”며 “희진으로 살았던 시간들이 소중해서인지 시원섭섭이 아니라 왕섭섭하다”고 아쉬운 심경을 드러냈다.

Both Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo said together:”Can we ever meet such a “happy” piece of work ever again?”. (Can we have such a beautiful piece of work ever again?)

Yoo In Na, who had her first lead role through Queen Inhyun’s Man said:”I really thank the PD and writer for trusting in me. The time i lived as Heejin is really precious to me, so to me, i’m not happy now, even though the filming has ended, but very very sad to part with this show.”

이어 “며칠 밤을 새도 힘들지 않았고, 현장에 늘 웃음이 끊이질 않았다”며 “희진이와 이별을 해야 하는 게 걱정이 많이 된다. 붕도(지현우)가 많이 그리울 것 같다”고 덧붙였다.

“Even after filming for nights without sleeping, i didn’t feel tired.. Instead i kept laughing on the set…. I’m scared that i have to part with Heejin. And i’ll miss Kim Boong Do.”

또 유인나는 매회 화제를 모은 키스신에 대해 “까치발 키스가 가장 기억에 남는다”며 “연기하면서 처음으로 해본 진한 키스신이어서, 솔직히 부끄럽고 쑥스러웠다”고 소감을 밝혔다.
In regards to all the kiss scenes that has turned into hot topics, Yoo In Na expressed that the “tip-toe” kiss was the one that left her with the deepest impression. “Since i started acting, this is the first time i had a kiss that left me with such a deep impression. To be honest, i was really shy and embarrassed.”

이어 “매달려 있는 것도 힘들고, 지탱해주는 사람도 힘들었을 것”이라며 “실제로는 마냥 달콤하지만은 않았지만, 영상이 정말 예쁘게 나와 다행으로 생각한다”고 말했다.
She moved on to say:”Everyone was tired on the set, even the people who were giving support to us. Even though it wasn’t very sweet since we were all tired, but fortunately, the shot turned out beautifully.”

이 같은 달달한 장면과 더불어 “다시는 못 볼 것 같은데, 그게 끝이었나 봐”라는 대사와 함께 눈물을 쏟는 유인나의 모습이 15화 예고 영상을 통해 공개되면서 결말에 대한 관심이 뜨겁다.
She expressed that:”I don’t think there will be a scene as sweet as this(the tip toe kiss) anymore. Only this one.” Along with the preview that showed Yoo Inna crying, as well as this statement of hers, everyone is concerned about how the ending will turn out.

결말에 대해 지현우와 유인나는 “가슴 먹먹한 감동이 있을 것”이라며 “마지막 방송이 끝난 후에도 오랫동안 붕도와 희진을 가슴 속에 품어 주셨으면 좋겠다”고 전했다.
Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo Inna both expressed that the ending will make audiences very very touched.. And they hope that even after the show ends, everyone will keep Heejin and BoongDo in their hearts forever.

Source: http://www.enews24.net/news/02/2969951_1163.html


Okay, why do i think…. sad ending?


7 comments on “Queen Inhyun’s Man’s Ji Hyun Woo-Yoo In Na … Sad that the Drama has Come to an End

  1. that is so true.. hee jin and boong do will be kept forever in my heart and to the many people that got so absorbed with the drama and their loveteam TT.TT it’s so sad to know that good things come to an end but thanks for this great great drama!!

  2. I’m sad too! I came to the QIHM bandwagon halfway through but it felt like I had been there watching it since it began airing. Their pairing is so natural. I really want to ship them for real. Haha! If QIHM was shown in regular TV it would have been a craze.

    • yeah!! tvN produced the best dramas i’ve seen in many years.. like Flower Boy Ramyun and Queen InHyun it’s a pity the airing time is super late. It would have had high high ratings :)) I’m so grateful to tVN for producing great dramas!! :DD

  3. most of korean movie and drama/series that i have watch ended tragically or hanging but i still love how the story touched the hearts of the viewers thats why im addicted to it everytime. i hope QIHM would end happily, JHW and YIN did a good job and their chemistry comes naturally as if they wasnt acting… they look good together… and if QIHM will end sadly i would just imagine that “its love beyond time and space, if they will be meeting again in another lifetime and another set of chances, for sure they will end up together “

  4. *great big gasping sobs* Noooooooo! I’m not ready to let go! (LOL)

  5. i afraid to watch the last episode…QIHm have a very special meaning to me…..it is a very good drama….i hope it will have a happy ending becoz if it doesn’t, i won’t watch it again…..please director….give them a happy ending….

  6. Oh they shouldn’t have to worry! They left a big / huge impression on us! It will be hard to forget HJ or KBD. I am glad to hear that the ending will make us very touched. Can’t wait to see it for myself! Love the drama! Will be one of my favorites forever! ^-^

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