Ji Hyun Woo, A Staff?


So tvN came with a tweet, going :”Ji Hyun Woo, a staff? This is the last shooting for the show. Where can we find such a good looking stuff? T__T … Remember, 11pm today!”

I guess this shooting is for the special episodes next week? Seems like a commentary session, and Ji Hyun Woo is goofing around. What a cute dork! Kim Jin Woo is there too.

Anyway, Queen Inhyun’s Man last episode is tomorrow! But fear not, we will have special episodes, where we can see more of Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s offscreen chemistry!

Some pictures from their special filming i think?

Bye lovely couple!

Bonus, with Star Mr G.


4 comments on “Ji Hyun Woo, A Staff?

  1. Why am I thinking he was “helping out” because it brings him into close proximity with YIN? *innocent wide eyes* ROFL! My shipping heart won’t stop.
    I can’t believe it’s ending this week!

  2. are you going to be recapping the special episodes too??

    Thank you for live recapping the other episodes! what would i do with out them *omo*

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