Yoon Wol, You’re so Beautiful.

I love Yoon Wol.

Episode 14 left me with conflicting emotions. The episode was …. at the beginning, but redeemed itself with the faking of death and all, the plot line filled with emotions. And the scenes with BD leaving Joseon… I wished he stayed in Joseon at that moment. HanDong and Yoon Wol’s heartache.. Even the horse LOL.

But what really got me in EP 14, was Yoon Wol. She made 13-14 awesome for me.
Yoon Wol crying playing the Gayageum. So beautiful. I teared for her.
Yoon Wol is beautiful.

Let me start with 13. Which girl isn’t selfish? Which girl wouldn’t one the man they love by their side?
Yoon Wol indeed showed a little tiny bit of being selfish, but i truly understand. I actually wanted her to be even more selfish, because her love for BD, was truly deserving of something more. But she was borned in the wrong time, and as a gisaeng in that era, she can’t wish for more. All she could do was to wish for happiness, for the man she loved. She once said when BD wanted to take her as a concubine how she did not what to do so, as it will affect his status and all. What selfless love is that? How beautiful.
She furthermore said in episode 13… “There was not once where i did not wish for your happiness. But i never thought that me wishing for your happiness, you being happy, would mean that you would be gone forever.” (something like that, i can’t remember)

That line left me there broken. I am a girl too, and every one of you girls would get how Yoonwol feels. Imagine the guy you loved, being gone from your sight forever? How sad is that. No matter how selfless her love is, she never wanted him to be gone from her side. Anything would be better. Marrying someone in this era, being happy in front of her, as long as he never ever vanished from her sight, it’d be fine.
But his happiness now, meant that he would be gone forever. Never seeing him again, i truly understand Yoonwol.
Even if she tried all means to stop him, emphasizing on the curse of the talisman, way more serious than it actually might be…. All i saw was her heart. It was beautiful.

She said:”I’m afraid that the talisman will take you away from this world, far away. Since everything is okay now, i hope you will never look for the talisman again.” It might seem selfish for OTP(Heejin-BoongDo) lovers, and i am one too, but my heart went out to her.

Her love was 99.99999% selfless, and a tiny bit selfish. But i love that selfish tiny bit of her. No girl would be selfless in the phase of love. That is pure bullshit.

She came back in 14, solidifying my love for her character.
Knowing what will become of BoongDo in 1694, she told him to leave.
He asked her why, wasn’t her views different a while ago?
She replied.. “It was jealousy. A foolish desire that i had(which she knew she should not have, but i say she’s deserving of it). I told you it was for your safety and happiness, but all it was, was that i wanted you to stay by my side.”

Please excuse me while i tear. *tears*
How beautiful. She loved him, she knew she shouldn’t be jealous, but she was. And she admitted it, because she wanted him to be safe, despite all her inner desires. Her love for him, overpowered all she wanted of him.
Beautiful. He prepared to leave, to be killed. She felt lost, she didn’t know what else to do to protect her love anymore. And when BD held her hand, telling her it’d be fine… That expression on her face. *heartbreaks*

Then the scene came, with all 3 women of his life crying for him. Even the Queen.

Oh Kim Boong Do, what did you do? 3 women!?
Yoo Inna was so awesome in that scene, my heart hurt so bad.

I didn’t think YIN would be this good before QIHM, but she totally rocked her role.
Anyway, back to Yoonwol. Yoonwol’s silent tears…

She was all alone now… Not even a man that she could protect (rather than protecting her) was there anymore.

And we see HanDong telling her later, that BD was safe, but they won’t be able to see him ever again.
She teared. That one beautiful tear, in that attire that signified a fate of sadness in that era. *Tears*

Beautiful. Then she said, forcing a smile: “That’s right. It’s better that he is alive somewhere though we can’t see him ever again.”

The thing she feared, turned into reality. Not being able to see her love again. But she was truly, sincerely… happy to hear that he was alive. Even if she can’t see him again, it is always good news to hear that your love ones are safe. “Somewhere on this earth, he is alive. As long as he is alive, i am and will be contented.”

And when BD, in parallel, about to leave Joseon, we see Yoon Wol playing the gayageum, again in her gisaeng attire(I have a soft spot for this… Gisaengs, letting the love of their lives go, tearing beautifully as they play the gayageum), tearing.

She knew BD was gonna leave, forever, and that she won’t see him ever again. And all she could do was to face it with tears. There was nothing else she could do.

And this scene was so beautiful with Jin Ye Sol. The way she cried, beautiful.

I think this was the most beautiful scene in the drama for me.
Anyway, that’s beautiful Yoon Wol for you.
I’ve used beautiful way too much today, but i don’t know how else to describe Yoon Wol’s beauty.
When i look at her, Xiah Junsu’s You are so Beautiful plays in my head.

지금 난 너의 눈을 보며 운다 네 맘을 보며 운다 애써
I am crying right now while looking at your eyes….I am crying looking at your heart painfully.
해맑게도 쓴웃음 짓는 그 표정에
The innocent (face with) bitter smile on your face…

You are so wonderful 시린 네 사랑도 네 눈물도 내 아픔 상처를 지우죠
You are so wonderful.. That died-off love of yours too and your tears too.. that wiped away my wounded pain…

Doesn’t the lyrics describe Yoon Wol perfectly?

“이제는 너를 안아주고 싶다 그 차가운 세상 끝에 홀로 서성이던 널”
“Now, I want to hug the you who stands alone at the end of this heartless world.”

Yes, i want to hug her, who stands alone at the end of this heartless world. Hey i’m straight okay. But this girl is beautiful.


5 comments on “Yoon Wol, You’re so Beautiful.

  1. I haven’t seen the whole episode yet, just bits and pieces but Yol Won’s sacrifice hits home for me too. At one time in my life I felt the exact same way, where I was contented to let the love of my life go so that he could grow, and in turn I grew . I feel that it was that decision that brought me further in life. And if we immersed ourselves in the universe the writer made, Yol Won is probably no mere gisaeng she would have had the strength and grace to conquer any mountain!

    As for the queen, I was so happy that she genuinely cared for Boongdo. When the minister told her to pin all the blame on Boongdo, her reply was nothing short of amazing. “Why would I do that?! He was by my side for the last 5 years when all of you stayed away to protect yourselves.” In a display of true loyalty she would give her life for a servant who lost everything and then some, for her. That’s why Boongdo would give his life for her, because she’s that kind of Queen.

    • Yes i was glad too when the Queen did that. But i guess it was meant too. I didn’t even think that she won’t do that, because BoongDo’s loyalty to her is deserving of every single bit of her “sacrifice” and protection. His sacrifice for her was way more than anything she could do in return.

      That’s courageous of you. I think i’m too selfish to ever do that. Maybe i would, but i haven’t done it yet. Letting the love of your life go, for him, is the most beautiful thing a woman can do. I’m glad it brought you further in life.

      Yes, Yoon Wol is no mere gisaeng. She was just a woman that was born in the wrong time. If she lived in the era we lived in, just like what she said earlier, how nice would that be? No one to judge her on being a slave, nor a gisaeng. How she asked BD to bring her there, i wished he would. No one would know her past life here, that would be perfect for our heroine.

  2. I’m crying right now reading your insights about YW, you wrote it so beautifully. Love YW very much and I once hope that BD will also love him. Thanks for sharing.

    • I did too, i teared at moments as i typed this. We are all girls like her. We truly understand it. I actually wished BD loved her too, but that would justify that BD’s a player so nope. Hope to see Jin Ye Sol in a drama of her own soon!

      Maybe a drama where she plays a gisaeng. I don’t mind crying with her all over again. She’s beautiful in the role.

  3. Nice! Somehow I’m remembering this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzmTFBPMhk8

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