Preview for EP 15 of Queen Inhyun’s Man (Rough translation)

HJ: Every morning, the wife will help her husband wear his tie… and then.. (she pulls him towards her with the tie, and plants a kiss on his lips, signifying that this is what a wife usually do to her husband every morning).

They eat spaghetti together… and chewed on the same noodle, like in Lady and the Tramp.. Ending with a kiss.
BD: We have to eat this everyday from now on. (At the spaghetti, because of the kiss he can get)

HJ and BD walks in 2012 together, and there after, another scene where they lay in the bed together.

HJ: In order for us to meet, you had to travel back and forth between 300 years. Now, we can just meet each other in 5 minutes (she got an apartment for him, 5 minutes away.)

BD returns to Joseon and fights with Jasu.

Jasu says: You better not die in my hands(Not literally, but you know what it means.. Like you better wish you don’t die in my hands today, kind of thing)
And Jasu’s sword lands on BD’s neck.

And we see Heejin crying in the park.
HJ: I feel as if i won’t be able to see you ever again. Is this the end? (She cries)

Anyway, I’m still sure that time will be pushed back… To the opening scene of the drama, april 18. If not, what was that scene for? If it was just an introduction, why put the date? So i guess this will be one of the doing of the talisman.


9 comments on “Preview for EP 15 of Queen Inhyun’s Man (Rough translation)

  1. Oh my..the writer is really good!!! If this drama ends happily, I will definitely surely buy the dvd!:)

  2. DEAD* No not yet…. After the drama ended then…. DEAD*

    Thanks for translating.. ^^ and yes! I will surely buy the DVD if I’m still alive. Forgot for a second that I was suppose to be dead. LoL

  3. Yoo In Na, why are you so cute!

    She’s the only actress that I find naturally cute when she pouts or when she baby talks

  4. OMO…. the writer… *speechless* she is d*mn good writer…

  5. the drama started in april 18.

    • Yes it started on 18 april but even so, it doesn’t make sense, unless they are just using it as an opening scene and a metaphor. Because clearly, 18 april 2012 is a date in the course of the drama… unless we never seen an episode crossing a date, then it’d be realistic to put that scene. Also, we haven’t seen the kiss scene they filmed for in that scene outside Gwanghwamun, so I’m pretty sure that it will appear again.

  6. I agree with you on the last part about the beginning of the drama. I’ve been wondering about that and can’t seem to put words together to explain it and here you were, writing my sentiment exactly as how it has been in my mind (literally) ;p thank you so much =D
    Plus I’m sure it’s not just an opening scene or a metaphor since those did not match Song Jae Jeong writing skills at all (according to me though hehe)

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