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Lee Da Hae for Arnaldo Bassini

Girl is looking fresh and sweet!

I really miss Lee Da Hae. Was a big fangirl of her from 05 because of My Girl and Green Rose.

No matter how her acting got worse over the years (because she tries too hard), or what changes she did to herself, i’ll always remain as her fan. Seriously, she and Lee Dong Wook got me into the internet drama world of spazzing. Before, all i did was to watch and not spazz HAHA. I’ve watched too many of her interviews and others to not love her. She is so down-to-earth and clearly adorable.

Honestly miss the girl so much! Hope she’ll stop taking roles and do something that is suitable for her again!
She has been getting so much bad press over the years, it hurts T____T
I guess her greatest mistake in showbiz was to do East of Eden. It’s so stupid how the drama didn’t even give her any limelight, when she was clearly casted as the lead. Both Yeon Jung Hoon and Song Seung Hoon didn’t fall for her.. Just so you know, i dropped the drama once LDH opted out. Great decision, though everyone thought she was being idiotic like that, but HEY. EOE’s team didn’t treat her nicely in the first place, how do you expect her to stay?


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