On The Set of Queen Inhyun’s Man &…. Disappointment?

You two will make awesome parents. (Hey, I’m not implying together okay….. *Coughsyescoughs*)

So, tvN is really not done with these dating photos yeah? It’s so awesome that they are using their exploding off-screen chemistry for the drama promotion. And, we’re so definitely not complaining.

Then again, i think they’re emphasizing too much on the OTP due to their popularity… And.. neglecting the plot.

Okay, i admit. My interest level for the drama dropped a little… okay not a little. But quite a lot(Therefore my CYHMH spam).
Barely was distracted by QIHM this week.
Well, because 11-12 wasn’t awesome in relation to the plot. Yes, good for shippers like me, but the plot was…
Hoping to see more from Writer Song. I’m just a big fan of Sageuk and history, so i really need some substantial plot to perk my interest up again. At least my OTP is keeping me in the drama…


4 comments on “On The Set of Queen Inhyun’s Man &…. Disappointment?

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I haven’t been as crazy with recent episodes as well because there’s less plot movement and more relationship development and questions being thought of. After all they are at that point of a serious relationship, where they start to think of the troubles ahead. So it wouldn’t be so interesting compared to previous episodes where they just started falling in love and BD is exacting his revenge.
    And yet… I think this lull is necessary because I can just feel the storm is coming.

    • Yeah, from tomorrow’s ep onwards, im kinda sure we won’t have the sweet lovey dovey parts already. Especially with what Heejin said at the last part of 12, “The cause & effect’ of our meeting, and its end that was coming towards us…” This line actually frightened me… I’m so afraid of a bad ending now.

  2. Thanks for the pics and all you do for us QIHM fans!
    I actually adored these episodes because it solidified a few things in my mind concerning what I wanted from the drama, what the characters were going through and actually how much Ive trusted the project thus far.
    I was fine with the lackluster plot movements because sincerely how many OTP moments have really occurred? Boong-do really is just a guy. A great one but a dude all the same. I truly appreciated how they bumped up his emotional investment this week. Also toying with his true intentions and thoughts relating to both forms of existence. These eps were about relational and emotional growth and I’m thankful, for if they pull a RTP (and they may), we’d feel a little jipped. BD would just be this great guy that popped in and kissed HJ a few times and disappeared. The emotional stakes would’ve been all hers with no return. Not to mention all his words would’ve seemed like lies and misdirection. I know all my questions and concerns won’t be answered but I do believe the writers try harder to broach each topic.
    Personally, I’m looking forward to how they’re going to try to make me forget these eps ever happened and make me root for a logical separation for these two. There’s no doubt these next eps will be filled with more life and death, talisman misplacement and all around heartache and pain.
    Can’t wait;)

    • No problem!

      Well, i didn’t hate these eps… Just didn’t love it as much from 1-10. Not that i didn’t love what they gave me in the eps, i felt they were essential… I was just hoping for some plot development in between. As in like during the times when BD returns to Joseon… something substantial should have happened. I felt the 2 eps emphasized too much on the lovey dovey scenes, which would have been nicer if there were some plot developments along with them. I mean, i still want these lovey dovey scenes, but all at once, without much plot development made me kinda disappointed.
      But i get what you meant. It was really important in confirming their love and all, definitely, which will be crucial in the coming episodes.
      My high expectations for the drama because of 1-10… contributed to this disappointment so don’t mind my ramblings HAHA.

      Well, i’ve long woken up to the thought that my questions and doubts won’t be answered… and they most likely will turn into loopholes. But i’m glad for what Writer Song has given to us already, so it’s fine for me.

      Definitely with you on that. I need a logical separation. Things i really can’t stand is illogical separations in Kdramas… Heartache and pain is coming… and, i gladly take the challenge of facing them. Well, if it moves me to tears, then it’d be awesome!

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