I’ll try to do better…. I’m sorry, Woori.

내가 더 잘할게. 미안해 우리야….

“I’ll try to do better… I’m sorry, Woori.”

‘이제부터 아무말 안하기…나…세상에서 젤 나뿐 봉우리 되두 미워하믄 안돼…’
“From now, we won’t say anything… Even if i turn into the world’s worst Bong Woori, you can’t hate me okay?”
‘봉우리. 나두  딱 한마디만 해두 돼?  지금처럼 내 옆에 있어…’
“Bong Woori, can i say one thing as well? Just like now, stay by my side.”
“니가 웃으면 나도 좋아… 넌 장난이라 해도.”
“I love it when you smile… Even if it’s just a joke.”
차동주: “저는, 마음으로 이렇게 말해주는 사람이 있어서 괜찮습니다. 차동주, 너는 못듣는 사람이 아니라, 잘 보는 사람이야. 저는, 못듣는 사람이 아니라 잘 잘 보는 사람입니다. “
Dongju: “I’m fine because i have someone who tells me with her heart… Cha Dong Ju, you’re not someone who cannot hear, but someone who sees well. I’m not a person who can’t hear, i am a person who can see well.
*바보 같에*
*Like a fool*

차동주: “열 세살때 개구리를 쫓아가다가 아홉살짜리 꼬마 미인을 만났는데. 폐달도 안밟고 풍금을 치고 있는거야. 그리구 그 꼬마미인이 자기한테서 가장 소중한 보물을 잃어버렸다고해서 내가 그 보물하구 그 미인을 구해줬어. 그랬더니 그 꼬마 미인이 고맙다구 자기한테 가장 소중한 보물을 나한테 줬어. 그날부터 사랑했던 것 같애 이름도 모르는 그 꼬마미인을. 십육년동안 보물을 볼 때추억을 생각하면서…. 나한테는 때 들은 피아노 소리가 마지막이었고 만남이 세상소리를 듣는 마지막 시간이었지만 …그 기억때문에 힘든 시간을 견딜수가 있었어. 쿵. 쿵. 쿵… 애가 가르쳐준 마음의 소리를 듣는 방법을 알고 있었으니까. 우리야. 비록 나는 목소리는 들을 없어도… 목소린 기억해.. 그래서 가 “차동주!” …  이렇게 이름불러 줄때가 가장 행복해.. 니 목소리만 들려.”

Dong Joo: When I was 13, as I was following a frog, I met a 9 year old beauty. Although she wasn’t stepping on the pedals, she was pretending to play the organ. And then, that beautiful kid, said that she lost something that was very important to her so, I returned it to her and saved that beauty. As I did, that beautiful kid, said that she was thankful. The thing that was the most important to her, she gave it to me. I think I fell in love from that day, without knowing the name, of that beautiful kid. For 16 years every time I saw that beanbag, I recalled those memories. The piano sounds that time were the last sounds I could hear. That meeting may have been the last time I heard the sounds of the world but, because of those memories, I could overcome hard times. Thump Thump Thump. Since I knew the method of hearing the sound the heart makes, taught by that kid. Woo Ri, Even though I can’t hear my own voice, I remember your voice. That’s why, when you say “Cha Dong Joo!” and call out my name like that, I’m the happiest. I only hear your voice.
내마음이 들리니?
Best Bromance!

Fine i lied, this is the best one.

Best mother and son!
Most of all, Best family.

Credit: Tumblr/Soompi/Naver/Daum/DC

(I don’t know who i stole these from,…. Stole these last year. please tell me if you are the person, i’ll credit it you)

I love this show to bits… Best drama ever.

And best otp of course.


2 comments on “I’ll try to do better…. I’m sorry, Woori.

  1. this is the best drama i’ve ever watch… I love Kim Jae Won so much… From now on, i’ll be following you as long as you post updates about him… 🙂

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