Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 12 recap

I will be updating this post.
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Heejin is lying on the bed… and Boongdo looks at her and smiles from the side of the room.
We see a pair of couple cups by the bed… and then daylight comes.
She wakes up.. and couldn’t find BD in the apartment.
She goes out to the living room to find him..
But his not there. She says what is wrong with him, how can he leave without a word.
She then goes back to her bed, and finds a letter written in Hanja by her bed.
She tries to decipher it with the use of the internet but was unable to do so..
She then gives up… however, she realizes the talisman is still with her, so that means BD didn’t go back to Joseon.
She then hears his voice from outside and she walks out to the balcony.
BD greets her and then she gets worried about him riding the bike. She then says about how she thought he returned to Joseon and all.
Then she asks why did he just leave a letter. He says what letter, and says it was her address(? I THINK)
He asks her if she was hungry and he will buy her food.
She then says they should go together since he doesn’t have money.
He has a lot of money again, he said he sold his sword again. LOL
But this time when he sold the sword, he “demanded” for more money…
He then asks her what she wants to eat. She starts to name them..
However, she goes back in and writes a letter… in English instead.
She says he should try to find the food for her like that. He takes it and leave.
BD brings the paper to convenience store worker, and the worker as if that person his buying for is a foreigner. BD says no, she is just someone with something wrong with her pride.
The guy that finds the food and drinks in English… Orange juice and so on.. But one is written as Carre… which is Curry actually. BD then laughs.
SK meanwhile, rants about HJ… and she keeps hoping that HJ will call soon.
HJ calls, and ask about DM… SK explains about how angry he was after he was locked in the toilet and all.

SK then says you are with your sasaeng fan? HJ says he isn’t a sasaeng fan.
HJ then says SK has to be on her side in this love story.
And then they argue for a while more and HJ cuts off.
SK then says when did I say I will on her side? Then she recaps back to when she made HJ sign the contract.
She did say… and she starts to curse herself.
BD returns and looks through everything he bought for her.
He then asks her about the curry, saying he might have gotten it wrong, and she says he got it right..
He then mocks her in his heart.
He breaks into a smile..
HJ then wears an apron.. And then she teaches him how to eat Curry.
She pours the curry over the rice and then shows him… putting the curry rice into the microwave. BD doesn’t look impressed at all, even though HJ was trying to make him impressed.
After she takes it out from the microwave, she says it’s done.
She says he doesn’t have too thankful about the meal, just eat it.
He then jokingly comments about her “lying”..
They both laugh.
HJ asks about him yesterday night, when he watched her while she was sleeping. She asks if he went anywhere. BD says she must have been dreaming.
She says no, it isn’t a dream.
He avoids her questions and talks about the curry again.
Scene cuts to DM and the other actress, and she spike him about his girlfriend and scandal again.
DM sees the director and then says the same thing as in the “dream”, asking the PD to get rid of HJ’s character. The other actress says it’s not her idea, it’s DM.
The director says the same thing, about if he does that, then the King will look crazy.
The PD goes away, and the actress asks DM if they had a fight… and she confirms it with his reaction.
DM goes to his van and rants again.
Back to HJ and BD, HJ says why he didn’t buy coffee. He says he wanted them to go out and drink coffee together. He says he learnt how to ride the bike this morning and he will ride her. However, he says it isn’t his responsibility if she falls off.
They go around and quickly nods their head against each other (SQUEEE)
*romantic date*
They stop their bike cause of the passing train.

HJ says he learnt things really fast… HJ then says if he stays here, he will be able to survive well, cause nothing seems impossible to learn for him. She says he has a life that is worth for people to be envious about.
HJ then asks him… saying he likes it here more than Joseon right? She talks about him, always dying in Joseon and all, what’s so good about that. He then says is that so?
She then says the talisman is with her, and if she throws it into the fire, he can’t leave this place.
She jokes with him and pretends that she threw the talisman into the fire.
He got off the bike and got angry for a bit before she says the talisman is with her.
“You were really shocked and scared… that you wouldn’t be able to go back.” She says she might really throw the talisman sometime so he should take it back from her.
She sadly hands the talisman back to him (*cries*)
(breaks my heart *cries*)
He takes it and she reluctantly lets go of it. He then hops back onto the bike, looking at her.
A call comes, saying that they couldn’t get SK that’s why they called her.
The crew says that the schedule has been changed. She says okay, but why, and the crew explains its because DM was admitted into the hospital.
She was shocked.. and called SK. She asks if DM was admitted because of stress.. She says no, shes 100% sure that his faking his sickness… it’s because DM doesn’t wanna see you that’s why he doesn’t wanna go to the set, saying that his pride is hurt. She realises the mess that she made for the filming and everyone else, so she knew she had to go and find DM to apologize.
She ends the call, and BD rings her with the bycicle bell.

She tells BD that she can’t go on a coffee date with him, cause that guy is sick. BD says he seems like his faking it, but HJ say whether he is or not… she has to go cause it’s because of her..
He comments about DM, saying his not that kind of guy, and then HJ asks if his jealous.
She says he is… saying that he is worried if something happens between HJ and DM.

She tells him not to be jealous, and just wait for her for a while alone.

Jasu’s people are seen finding out information about KBD again.
They then meet at discuss about KBD again, about finding him and all.
Cuts to DM in the hospital, and the manager was talking to HJ, saying that honestly, he wasn’t admitted because he was sick.
He then asks DM what he wants, DM then says call her to come. The manager gives her the room number.
DM suddenly thought of an idea sitting on the bed.
He moves away.
HJ arrives with a bouquet of flowers, and knocks on DM’s door.
DM tells her to come in, and she comes in, smiling.
DM uses a water spray and sprays it at HJ… he punishes her about all the things, and continues spraying water at her, endlessly(DAMN).
Heejin allows him to spray, until he ends.
She says it’s not that I feel wronged, but this is really childish.
He continues to be angry and throws a pillow at him.
DM then rants about BD and then grabs HJ … but HJ says they should talk and she will explain everything, but he says there’s nothing to explain about.
The director comes in and sees HJ all wet.
Director asks what’s that on her face, water?
HJ gives an weird explanation, and DM’s manager makes DM return back to his bed.
Director asks if DM is fine, saying he looks fine.
DM says he cannot act with Queen inhyun anymore, he cannot face that face anymore.
He says he won’t act unless HJ is out of the drama. Get her to die or something, she must be out of the drama.
The director is shocked and asks why.
HJ stands at the side, humiliated.
HJ then meets the director outside, and apologizes to him.
He says he knew that something bad would happen some day, he just didn’t know it would be like that.
He says they’ll talk later at the shoot. HJ apologizes again. The PD leaves.
She seats in her car, looking down.
She looks at her watch, realizing that BD should be waiting.
She rings the apartment phone, and the apartment owner picks the phone.
The owner says he don’t know where BD is, he isn’t around.
HJ wonders…
She then recaps to last night, when BD was looking at her from the door of the bedroom..
She then realizes that he went back to Joseon last night as well..
And then she thinks about him being about protective about the talisman.
She then thinks if he has another woman in Joseon..
She then imagines him in a gisaeng house… flirting with the woman… asking them if they know what a player was LOL.

Monk goes to see YW, asking about BD.
The monk then tells about BD and the talisman… recapping to last night, where BD went back to the new world and all.
The monk tells YW that he probably has a lot of worries now.. He keeps wanting to go back to 2012.
Back to Hj driving, and BD calls her from the phonebooth, saying he was at the park.
Then she says he told her that he will be responsible for her and all!
She looks at him at the phonebooth and they argue looking …
He then asks her to look at her cars glove compartment.. she sees all the money there.
She is shocked.. and gets down the car and walks towards BD in the phonebooth..
He says he needs to do a lot of things with that money.. buying a phone.. buying flowers… and all.. for his relationship with her.
He says I told you I will be responsible for you. I just appeared in your life turning it upside down, being your lover for a short while… but the only thing i did was to buy you an expensive car… and spray water at DM. I don’t think i’ve taken responsibility well enough. I think i should stay by your side always, to take responsibility for you. It’s that acceptable for you? It’s the only way i could think of.
HJ reaches the phonebooth, blinded by his words.
He asks how is that? She smiles, looking at him… He then realizes that she has arrived, cause she didn’t reply him.

She says that is an excellent way..
They look at each other, still on the phone, smiling.
It starts to rain and he grabs her and pulls her into the phonebooth. They stand together at close prozimity… HJ gets a little shy. They then look at the rain together,
Cuts to Joseon, BD is talking the monk.
He talks about how he found back the memory he lost….. and then he wonders if he can keep going and coming back..
Cuts to 2012, we see BD in seoul, at the sejong memorial area.
He narrates in the background talking to the monk.. He talks about him and the future and the past… and we see him going to a bookstore. He wonders about his existence in 2012..
Monk then concludes that he wants to go to 2012 (to YW)
BD continues talking to the monk, saying that if someone there remembers me, wouldn’t that life be different(about HJ).
YW with the monk, asks if BD really has the thought of leaving to 2012 for good..
The monk thinks so..
Jasu meets Minam concluding that he has to get the talisman from BD then only he can kill BD.
Minam comes up with an evil plan, and laughs…
HJ and BD is still in the phonebooth, and the night has arrived. He was backhugging her, and they look at the tour book to Italy..
He asks her how she spells curry.. she says Carre?
She says she’s correct but obviously not… they continue smiling and lovingly hugging each other..
HJ narrates… saying something like I met this person because of the fate of time… coincidental.. And the cause and effect of our meeting… the end is coming to us.
EP ends..
Heejin in her house..
Heejin: The greaters benefactor in the world….(typing into her phone) hello, Player Sshi, how have you been? (Using Joseon style).
Sukyeong nods her head at HJ.
Jang Hee Jin(actress): Queen, how dare you actually have an affair behind the King’s back?(to Heejin as Inhyun) You’re the best.
Minam leaves the prison cell… The king reads something and looks angry.
Narration in the background: Look into April’s(4th month in Joseon) case again, arrest the criminal, Kim Boong Do.
Assasinator shoot Boongdo.
Damn, if only BD hecks everything in Joseon and just decides to come over to 2012 for good earlier… I mean he decided to already, but he wants to finish his business in joseon first.
Anyway, so he’ll be injured, but i guess he’ll be able to go back in to 2012, and therefore the hospital spoilers and pictures.
He will be saved, don’t worry guys. What is QIHM without BD! HAHAHAH
Damn, Dongmin. I’m so damn disappointed.
His sucha jerk, really… like…. i liked him from ep 1-10, he was cute and had an endearing smile.
But damn, you freaking scolded HJ, and HIT HER?!?!? A man that hits a woman, isn’t a man you ass.
Anyway, Yoo Inna is no.1 search on Naver, and QIHM is no. 5 atm…
With things like K2h ending and rooftop prince ending losing to Yoo Inna<3


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  1. Screen-caps from live broadcast; for those who couldn’t watch it live due to connection or work. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1608378803?pn=1 (browse through the pages)

  2. Happy day again!!
    I expect ur recaps!!!!!!!

  3. thanks for..recap…u are the best…

  4. I think its not that he does not have the talisman but I think they avoid hitting his major vessel. So, he can’t travel to the future. or maybe he knows their plan of hitting him in public and so the public can see him travel and thus, he decide not to have the talisman? Thou, I think the first one is more likely..

    And the angst begin NOW…

    and thanks for the recap. I was watching the episode live for the first time.. I was kind of cool.. I might gonna do this often.. ^^

    • I know right… I’m disappointed with DM too.. I’m still not sure where SK stand in this but I hope she won’t turn into second DM cuz if she does, HJ will have no one. I get SK being frustrated and everything but I want at the end of the day, SK will go to HJ and support her no matter how ridiculous it sounds and looks. If SK is not by HJ’s side… It all be DAMN!

    • is the king given an order to catch BD again? for what reason?

  5. aaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome episode

  6. thank you…

    now can sleep properly 😀

  7. So did they or did they not have a passionate nite?

  8. Thanks so much for your recap, I very much appreciate you taking the time!

  9. Finally I can go to bed after waiting for all the video uploads..thank you for being so fast! Love this show. It’s driving me crazy haha…

  10. im confused, at the end of preview, when he got shot by an arrow, why the talisman did not work?? should the talisman work before he got shot??

    • There are 2 ideas floating around about this –

      1) He didn’t have the talisman with him right at that moment (maybe he didn’t take it with him because he’s out among a crowd of people and doesn’t want that many people to see him “disappear”
      2) He does have it but the preview didn’t show him disappearing because the producer wants us all to worry/spazz/freak out for a week that he got shot WITHOUT the talisman to protect him.

      • I think he has the talisman at the moment, but i guess………………… maybe……………………… they aimed at the right side of his chest… so his life isn’t in danger. Well technically, his life will be in danger since the heart isn’t exactly on the left but like left middlish, but let’s take it as its known to be at the left, since it was pretty obvious that BD was shot at the right side of his chest. They probably figured that only he is on the verge of dying, then he will be saved. However, if they shoot the right side, he will be serverely injured, but he won’t die immediately. If he doesn’t get modern day technology and hospital help, he will definitely die, since anywhere near his heart will be hard for his body to take. But of course, he gets transported back to 2012 and gets saved.

  11. Thank you SO much for ur work on QIHM recaps :)) I download RAW videos and then read your recap after each 2 or 3 scenes, thus kinda subbing the ep. I just can’t wait till Sundays and Tuesdays for subbed eps to be uploaded. This drama is just that good :))

  12. AWESOME RECAP! My heart loves this drama too much and I’m glad she got the top search on Naver

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