Why don’t i remember them holding hands in this scene? Cause obviously they didn’t.

Fine, the PD cut some parts out due to time constraints. But i am a shipper, and i am deluded, so i will think of it in the way i want.


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  1. In fact, many date scenes were actually cut! including my favorite at the creek…and no holding hands at all…but the back hug at the end made up for the losses. it reminds me of Shin-Chaekyung’s back hug in Goong ^^

    • Yuppp many! Like when they were walking in the water and all… But this shot really caught me. The others looked as if they were scripted, but this………………. i swear they were just resting and waiting for the next shoot. But holding hands? #crap #imdeluded

      Now that you talk about it…………………………. Their height difference when they kiss do remind me of Goong’s couple!
      Still, backhugs ………………… crowned by Dongju-woori!

      • even if it’s just for rehearsal, he’s holding her hand so tightly. hehehehe /delusiontothemax

        I don’t want to choose between them! their Phone Booth Back Hug, Parting Back Hug (Goong) and Staircase Back Hug (CYHMH) are my favorites now! weee~

        • Yessssss i doubt it’s for rehearsal man. YIN’s smile is natural, it’s not a smile she did flash at the camera. LOL Probably talking to the PD just like the ones at the phonebooth where they never let go. Seriously, if they don’t date, im gonna be so sad. #deluded

          Well, definitely a tie between this otp and CYHMH’s otp. But since CYHMH had 2 backhugs that killed me, i still rank CYHMH as no. 1 for backhugs. QIHM’s otp owns in many other ways.

          As for goong’s….i love Shin’s backhug…. when he hugged her and confessed for the first time… in i think ep 15?(Hope i still remember), i was so crazy back then, i rewatched this scene in ep 15 or maybe 16 so many times. But that was like back in 2006 already…. so their awesomeness isn’t as strong as CYHMH and QIHM’s otp. I should really watch it again, skipping all the dragginess.

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