Queen Inhyun’s Man EP 11 recap

Don’t mind me for the bad translation. Have been having sleepless nights due to school, but my mind refuse to miss this broadcast for my important sleep.

I’ll be updating this post.

Sorry for the soundless videos
Kiss scene.

Other uploaded ones.


She sees Boongdo. And lets go DM… with that unbelievable expression on her face.

She stares at him, breathless.. BD smiles back. She shows an unbelievable smile.

DM takes her hand saying they have to go… She gets pulled by DM as BD gets out of her sight.. She couldn’t see him anymore.

Inside the dressing room, she was thinking… SK complained that she didn’t look at the camera when she was with DM.

HJ says she saw BD… and SK gave the shocked expression. She then told SK that she probably mistook someone.

SK was waiting outside.

BD comes and say it’s been a while.

SK then says are you BD, and says why are you like that? Who exactly are you?

BD then says you can’t remember? “I am disappointed. I thought we were close.”

They went to sit in a café and talk.. He asks about the car… and SK says about everything HJ thought as well. And her dream about him..

And she says she can’t believe it.

IF he is a dream, why is he sitting here in front of him.

BD then says… it is indeed unbelievable..

SK gets a call… and goes out.

BD thinks.. It is not that memories were lost. It was time that vanished.

He recaps to everything… The time where everything started.. he says.

SK finishes her car and looks at BD from outside the café. She says he doesn’t look like a bad person.

SK comes back in and tells him that she has to go for HJ’s business already.

BD then says she can go.

SK says is there anything He doesn’t understand?

Then she feels pity for him, and sits down again.. saying his such a normal person.. why is he like that?

SK then asks where he attends school at? He replies Sung Kyun Kwan..

The same way when she asked him back in Jeju do.

He recaps to that scene, and smiles. She repeats, asking him if his serious, giving the same reaction.

She asks him where he lives. He says Bokchon… and realizes his rich…

Giving the same reaction about everything again.

About his parents dying and all… her same reaction.

He says the same situation happened before.

BD then asks about HJ, for her… as a dream.

SK says of course, … she has a boyfriend.. how can it be a dream.

BD is disappointed… SK then says, you don’t know she has a boyfriend? It is all over the internet.

BD just says… he has been away for a while so he doesn’t know.

SK tells him she’s dating Han Dong Min.

BD is left stunned.

HJ recaps to what SK did… about her number and some weird person calling.

She begins to realize.

Meanwhile, BD promises SK that he won’t find HJ…

SK makes him promise. He says of course… and says: “I cannot destroy the life of the person I like.”

SK returns and HJ asks for her phone. She then asks SK seriously whether it was BD..

And HJ gets angry when SK admits. She then asks where BD is. SK says he left. And that he admitted that he was a dream.

HJ runs out to find him… barefooted.

She runs all over the street.

She runs all over the street.

She reaches the café SK and him were at… but he wasn’t there.

She flags a cab and hops on the taxi.

She asks the taxi driver to be faster(going to the park).

HE realizes shes a actress and asks her a lot of questions..

And she gets angry asking him to be quick, banging the sit and all..

She didn’t pay the bill and gets down the taxi saying she’ll pay later.. She reaches the phonebooth… But doesn’t see anyone.

She slowly walks towards the phonebooth, barefooted..

No one was there. She looks disappointed… and turns around.

She squats on the floor, looking sad….

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Someone knocks on BD’s residence door.

A monk arrives and HD says BD is sleeping.

Monk says something happened to BD..

HD says but he is inside.. Then he realized BD might have left.

He goes inside, to see BD writing in the room. (earlier on at the café, when SK asks him where he is going to, he said he’ll go home).

BD exits the room, and instructs HD to do something.

He then sees YW and YW asks if he found it(His memories and the talisman)

He smiles and says, I found it.

YW then asks if he met that woman….

BD asks her what does she think..

Scene cuts back to the award ceremony. Dongmin asks SK where did HJ go…

Asking what happened to HJ again, if she could contact HJ… and all.

SK then receives a call from HJ and DM asks if its HJ.. She says no and runs to the toilet to pick the phone.

HJ tells her she’s on the way back. SK asks if she saw him.. she says no, she was unable to find him.. She says she’ll be back soon.

She leans on the window of the taxi… and breaks into a smile.

Scene flashes back to her squatting on the floor outside the phonebooth.. She looks at her phone.. and looks around.

BD is somewhere nearby, getting ready to travel back in time.

Before he goes back, he looks at the phonebooth. He sees someone in there.

HJ was in the phonebooth, pressing some numbers on the phone.

A hand knocks on the phone booth. She sees him and lets go of the phone.

She opens the door in shock… they stare at each other for a long while.

He asks her why she is here.

BD: Are you here to find me?

She doesn’t say a thing, and rushes to embrace him.

He stood there, dumbfolded… as HJ hugged him.

He then reacts, hugging her back, with her head on his chest.. They tightly hugged each other.

Scene cuts back to HJ smiling in the taxi.

And back to BD asking YW what she thought.

BD then tells YW to sleep because its late. And YW tells him to rest as well.

Jasu visits Minam, reporting about BD again.

Jasu tells him that everything about the talisman that he told Minam that night was true.

We then see HD coming to the jail gates(I think), and handing the guards a letter for him to get in.

Jasu sees all these.

Jasu then meets his gang… drinking wine.. saying they have a lot of things to discuss.


DM goes to a pub… and all the girls were trying to flirt with him.

DM then asks them if they saw his partner, HJ…

They say they don’t know where she was.

We then see HJ sneaking out of the venue in a black after party dress, still holding her cocktail.

She hides behind the cars..

And smiles.

Flashesback to HJ talking BD in the taxi after they hugged just now.

She says she has to go cause she left in the middle of the awards.

She says she’ll be able to see him at 12.

She then discussing with him how they are going to meet.

BD then says then he will find her. At her house. And he tells her all the directions that he knows.

Back to the current time.

HJ enters her house and undresses immediately.

She sees BD.. and BD says I told you I will be at your house already.

She starts “scolding” him saying all the rubbish, smiling.

He says he will go out so she can changes. Then she says you saw everything already..

Then he says now that ive seen everything, I can go out.

She then says why do you deny that you are a player when you are.

She then stops him from going out, asking him to hand over the talisman.

She says she doesn’t like that he just vanishes whenever he likes, saying it’s unfair to her.

He says, so now I can’t leave whenever I like.. She says it’s unfair for her..

He hands it over to her, and HJ smiles, keeping the talisman.

He sees DM outside as he goes out.

He then returns to HJ house, as HJ changes. She is shocked and he talks about him being a player saying that’s not important now.. He says her BF is here… he then tells her to give him the talisman(I think I missed this part) but she doesn’t allow him to vanish like that because of DM.

DM intercoms but she decided not to open the door… However, DM comes in…

BD hides, and HJ pretends to lie on the sofa, sleeping.

She “wakes” up and asks DM how he knew her door lock..

He says he asked SK..

DM tries to flirt with HJ…

And HJ tries to get him out of the house.

DM tries to plant a kiss on HJ’s mouth.

BD couldn’t take it… and sprayed water at DM every time he tried to kiss HJ. HJ gives an excuse, saying the water system had a problem… and the water keeps spraying out.

DM is suspicious… and HJ brings DM to the toilet.

Calling him to wash up.

She then comes back out saying BD is really childish.

He said he used this thing to spray water at him..

Then he even talks about her taking 2 peoples hearts.. and her two timing.

She says it’s not her fault and clearly his with the talisman.. as she figured out everything.

She walks away… but BD says:”It’ll be okay as long as I take responsibility.”

HJ says how will you do so..

He say he will do everything he can do, just like how he did for QIH.

She was dumbfolded.. and asked if she practiced this lines…

He then asks her where the talisman is.. and she takes it out from her cupboard, and returns it to him, smiling.

HJ then says, I will be the one taking responsibility.. and then she hears DM coming out.. she asks BD quickly if his coming tomorrow.. He nods.

BD hides, and DM says she should switch an apartment immediately. She says she will worry about that, but she says she has something to say to him.

She says let’s break up.

She says theres this guy that she liked before, and he appeared again. So she wants to be with him.

DM say isn’t that him? She says no and he says as if a guy in the dream wasn’t enough… now another guy?

She says it’s the same guy.. she comes up with some excuse and says that she definitely didn’t 2 time.. she fell for that guy before she met DM.. and when was that, she say it’s hard to explain.. she says she lost her memory and didn’t know that’s why..

She says whatever the case she didn’t two time.

DM then throws something at her..

And scolds her, saying it’s unbelievable that dream BD is true.. and HJ takes everything he scolds in at first.

He becomes overly mean with his words.. and then she talks about him being the one that betrayed their relationship last time first…

DM then says.. so now you’re taking your revenge..

Then suddenly a pillow hit him from above…(BD HAHAHAHA)


DM falls to the floor.

HJ then asks how come BD hasn’t left yet. He then says something against DM.

HJ smiles at him.

DM then asks if his KBD… and then he says that I am KBD.. and I am the one that sprayed the water as well.

DM goes up, wanting to beat him, but BD comes down to HJ.. asking her how she took all those ridiculous words from DM.

DM tries to beat him with a stick, but of course our awesome swordsman defeats him instead, hitting him all the way till he hides in the toilet.

He looks through the gap of the door, and then opens the toilet door… smiling.

DM hides inside the shower glass. BD then smiles… wanting to take his revenge(just like how BD  was tied by him in the toilet back in the hospital)

He ties the door shut, and DM says what are you doing! HJ is my gf, and everyone knows that in this world.

He says… you aren’t wrong about that.

He then goes out to ask HJ something, and returns, saying to DM he was wrong and that DM had no fault. However he still doesn’t let DM out, giving some excuses.

BD then comes out… and HJ tells him that they should go out. BD then returns the talisman back to him.

BD then asks her a question regarding the talisman, and she says im stupid so don’t keep asking me this kind of question.

SK and DM’s manager were sitting in the van… and talking.

DM calls SK… saying she’s with his manager.

DM says that his locked in their toilet.. by Kim Boong Do.

SK was shocked.. screaming KBD????

DM then rants at SK, saying she left with KBD.

SK then says is he tall and all.

Then DM realizes that she met BD already, asking her why she came up with that thing that his from her dream…

He continues ranting and SK says she’ll be there soon.

She cuts off and is in shock… she that screams… asking DM’s manager if she seemed like shes mad..

And he agrees saying she looks mad.

HJ is at some hostel/rented apartment place…

She then goes to the place, where BD is in..

She teaches him how to use this apartment.

He asks if she’s gonna make him stay here by himself..

She says she has no choice… she has to film. she’ll be back tomorrow morning.

He then says how he won’t be able to sleep and all.. and makes himself look pitiful and all..

He asks: “are you really gonna leave me alone here?”

She  says her drama will be out on tv he can watch it..

He then grabs her for a kiss. She smiles, asking him what’s wrong with him and all…

He replies romantically and she says… “Player”.

He says I don’t know at first, but I do think that I am a player.

They both smile… and continue kissing, with HJ standing on his fit… Kissing for a long time…

EP ends.

Sorry for…. no sound today for the vids..

A probable bed scene in ep 12?

I refuse to believe theres gonna be a bed scene cause i don’t wanna see my innocent couple in a different light ……………..

Dongmin ah, i loved you, why are you so mean all of a sudden?


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