Queen Inhyun’s Man is Perfect.

I decided, I needed a blog for my drama obsession, especially, with Queen Inhyun’s Man around now.

Before I watched QIHM, i had no expectations for the show.

Well, i always thought Ji Hyun-Woo had this cute bunny smile that was ever so endearing ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (tried most of his shows though they didn’t hit the right note for me)…. And Yoo In-Na, oh man, she’s cute. First saw her in High Kick 2 and i was like oh girl, you’re too cute for Kwangsoo. Anyway, that was about it for the leads to me..

Then one fine day, after I went through a week of school filled with submissions, i decided to give myself a break. I read Ripgal’s post on QIHM, and she recommended it … so i tried it.

Oh boy, it blew my mind. 3 minutes in, I was in love.

Yes, how the hell does a drama hook you in 3 minutes? Cause this one did it for me. The opening introduced two people from vastly different worlds, overcoming the borders of time and space, just to meet each other. That wasn’t, of course, their first meeting. Right in the middle of Seoul, in front of Gwanghwamun, contrasting the 2 different worlds of 2012 and Joseon, we see our leads. Awesome elements of the mise-en-scene used. They reached the area at the same time, and we knew it was planned, but can’t help thing that their love is fate. Or at least, they shaped fate to be the way they wanted it to be.

When we see that scene, we don’t question. We just sink into their love, fully absorbed into their facial expression, that goes without a word. They were clearly in love, and no matter how far they seemed to be from each other before this, we knew that they were always connected to each other. The sense of relieve and love were all written on their faces. We don’t know how these two people first met, we don’t know how they fell in love, we don’t know their backgrounds, their stories.. we don’t know anything about them… but we don’t question at all, because of the one thing we know. They were in love.

After this scene, we plunge into a series of  what should be apparent to us… flashbacks.

 Awesome introduction… Jumping between 2012 and joseon, again we don’t see the link, but we are fully intrigued. Then we see a modern day girl, trying so hard to excel as an actress in the society today… rushing here and there, with the cute love background music by Kim So Jung. There, we have Choi HeeJin. Awesome character she has. How often do you see a lead actress pointing her middle finger to her ex in a kdrama? I would love to do that one day. She isn’t our typical lead actress, she has a character. She might be naive, might be stupid.. might not be successful like others, but she is brave. She dares to try.

Then we see Kim Boongdo, a handsome tall smart yangban.
I love how Song Jae Jung brings out the character in Boongdo. Kim BoongDo is perfect. But his perfection, is so realistically portrayed by JHW, and the way SJJ characterized him, that you feel that probably in a corner of this world now, a Kim Boong Do may actually be existing in this same time as you, and same space of this world. Yeah as if a perfect guy like KBD can exist in this world… No one will believe it, but JHW+KBD, makes it believable.

This drama really makes me can’t help but make me wonder if a Boongdo can actually appear in my life, even though i am fully aware it’s impossible.

I love the realism of the drama, despite the fully unrealistic plot. Writer song brought the impossible to reality. Heejin is so real. Just a modern day girl, struggling to do well as an actress, just like how any one of us girls would try in our lives…. and then we see her falling hard for Kim Boong Do, like how any girl in this century would if we were to meet our KBD. She is so purely written, falling hard in the phase of love. She doesn’t think twice(oh yes she does), she follows her heart.

A plot regarding time traveling that is impossible in our daily lives, SJJ made it so real… it’s hard to even think it’s impossible, even though it is impossible. She deserves every single bit of our love for her. SJJ connects 2 worlds we can never connect together, so naturally, as if it is a natural occurence. Everything pieced nicely together, we can’t question at all. We don’t question. Really. Despite certain flaws i noticed, i so definitely do not care about that, because i know that SJJ will fix them nicely, and even if she doesn’t, i don’t actually care, because it’s perfect already, for what it has delivered to me so far.

Boongdo said:”You asked me what will become of us as lovers… I don’t know, but until i am able to find the answer, i’ll keep coming back.” How 2 people, who don’t know what will become of their relationship, ….  How 2 people, who don’t know when they can meet again whenever they part, of if they even can ever meet again….. but they bravely embrace what they have at the moment. This drama is about the moment they are in,… they want to live life to the fullest, what they want, what they know they won’t regret doing, even if it is for the moment. HJ and BD are both brave in facing this love that they want. When asked if it was really worth it to risk his life to know what was over in the “other world”, we then see the genuine smile that surfaces on his face, filled with contentment, realising how it was worth every bit of his sacrifice when he remembered his time spent with HJ… how all these were worth it, so he could remember the sweetest moment they had together, were all clearly written on his face.

I am so in love with this drama, i thought i wouldn’t find a nice drama to love for a long period, since Can You Hear My Heart, i guess i was wrong. I love this drama so, i don’t want it to be flawed in anyway. I want it to be perfect. And i am sure it will be *fingers crossed*. Even in it’s imperfections, it will be able to overpower them with it’s perfection. *fingers crossed* I really don’t want anything to destroy it’s perfection. I’ll trust in Song Jae Jung for now. I’m sure i can.

As for the gorgeous couple…. Can i say that their love story seems purer than all first love stories i’ve watched? Just like 4 years old kids, in the phase of love for the first time, bravely venturing what their “love” will become of… The pure innocence of little kids, having their first love, hearts filled with curiosity about what their relationship will turn into.. Maybe even thinking of their whole life together, even though they are only 4 years old.

Just like how HJ described, this couple is like a couple straight out from a typical shoujo manga. Girl is sweet innocent lovely, guy is perfect. However, i would like to describe them as a couple straight out from a fairytale instead. Like the ones from our classic disney movies… Look at a poster of a disney movie.. The perfect height distance between the prince and the princess, can you see the similarity?

The height difference between JHW and YIN is so perfect… Whenever HJ is with BD, she is never ever wearing heels… The consistency is awesome. *Kiss scene in ep 11<3 ❤ ❤ <3*

Seriously, im for once happy with my height.

This drama is awesome. Every element is perfectly pieced together, i really can’t find any fault with it, though there are flaws.. It’s awesome. And the otp is driving me to insanity. I’m officially shipping the couple in real. ❤

Anyway that aside, perfect cast, perfect chemistry, perfect directing, and most of all, perfect script and really realistically made characters.

The main credit goes to writer Song though.

Anyway, one world. Perfect drama.


5 comments on “Queen Inhyun’s Man is Perfect.

  1. I started watching for Ji Hyun Woo (yep, I’m a crazy stalker fangirl who adores him) but once I saw her flip off DM in the FIRST episode? I was hooked. Thank you again for giving this drama so much attention.

    • Me too, Heejin has such an awesome character, i seriously would die to do that to my ex one day… Hope i’ll be as bold!

      But of course Ji Hyun Woo. Honestly tried most of his shows, finished most of it, though most were boring…

      But Queen Inhyun’s man… AWESOME. It’s the only project he chose, and the best he ever did!

  2. this drama is very very very very very very awesome…..,
    for me queen inhyun’s is the best….best of the best drama…

  3. I best Kdrama I have watched in 2012

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