Feast of the Gods Finale, Spoilers + Lee Sang Woo <3

Congratulations, Lee Sang Woo, for pulling a Park Shi Hoo.

Last scene of FOTG.

End of this cut, we have the failed date where DY cooks for her.

After competition, where DY talks to JY

Beginning food competition scene.

I couldn’t record the whole thing, cause i was busy getting pissed with the writer, and loving DY’s smile.
The last ep, was basically a draggy ep of unnecessary problems to me.
Well, Kim Do Yoon made the ep worth of course.

JY congratulated IJ and told IJ that no matter what, she likes the JY that she’s been for years, the one that worked hard through her life. So she’s gonna live as JY forever.
JY tells DY she expected the results because no matter how hard she works.. she can never compare to the girl that worked hard for 22 years. DY asked her why she left, she said that she knew it’d be hard for her mum to talk to Injoo(heart to heart), if she was there. Gosh, thoughtful till the end, when IJ is still a bitch.

And omg it’s so cute between DY<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ and JY.
He rubs her head and she smiles. FREAKING cute.
So glad, Jaeha is leaving without a word.
But if it’s this early in the ep…. im scared that he won’t leave and JY comes to him NOOOOOOOOO

JH messages JY that he’s leaving now and tells her to live well.
She replies him that she’s sorry…(YAYYYYYY)

Baek is recaping to what DY said about how his brother really loved Baek..
And whatever else DY said about his brother..
She connects back their family portrait… and starts to cry, apologizing…

Inwoo and parents realised that IJ’s mum was the one that saved JY…..
They went to Yeonwoo’s mum’s grave… and Daddy tells her that he kept the promise and brought Yeonwoo up well.
Dohee kneels down and says she’ll bring the kids together the next time.. She says she’s sorry for bringing YW up in pain…
And… she thanks Yeonwoo’s mum for saving JY.

JY talks to granny and tells granny that she’s kinda sad cause this is the first time in life she wanted to win something in life. She tells granny to accept IJ now..
And Granny asks her why she doesn’t wanna stay here.. She says she was happier when she was in the island.

Back to DY…. Jane asks him where are you going again..
Then Jane sees an article about Baek and him…

Jane meets JY saying she needed to meet her to ask her something.
Jane asks her if she loves DY..
She says if she can’t confirm it now, let DY go..
She says because DY loved JY… he cried and smiled like a human..
But it’s very hard for him as a chef like that…(Because his not doing anything as Haemil, because of Joon Young)

Baek is shocked that DY came to find her… She looked distraughted in bed.. but quickly dressed nicely to see DY… with her arrogant and cocky self again. DY says now that he saw that she’s alive, he can go.

Baek then says something about DY…(my stream buffered)

Baek heads to the kitchen, where her servant was preparing something for her..

She said she didn’t have the appetite, but the maid said:”Your son said i have to serve it to you.”

We see a bowl of porridge prepared as we hear DY leave the house.

She eats it, saying that it tasted good.

DY walks alone to find his brother again.

He looks at his brother’s photo on the tree, asking if he was angry.

He tells Jiyoon that he doesn’t hate mummy anymore, so don’t be angry.

He then thinks back to JY calling Jiyoon’s name back then… repeatedly.

He smiles, and puts their family photo over Jiyoon’s photo.

He says:”Now, i will go to that girl”(YAYYY)

He finds JY and JY tells her she’s busy.

He says that his hungry.. She says since you have so much money you can eat anything.

He says he hates that and they should eat together.

He pulls her and we see them in the car.

JY puts her hoodie on, in fear that reporters will see her.

DY asks why… thinking it was about the whole issue about arirang.

She says no, she’s afraid of a scandal.

He then pulls off her hoodie and they both smile.

They go into a high class restaurant where everyone looks at them.

A woman comes to him and asks if his star chef Haemil.

He says he isn’t… JY puts up the menu to cover her face.

The woman walks away…

He tells JY isn’t she hungry?

JY then says she looked at the Menu and saw nothing she liked.. She tells him to eat alone and she walks away.

DY stops her and says he’ll make something she’ll like to eat.

He makes her sit down and he goes to the are to cook.

Everyone starts looking at the master check cooking(SO SEXXAAAAAY).

JY too….

He serves… But then we see JY recapping to what Jane said about DY and her..

People comment asking if HM can make more food for them.. He said no, and this is the only one of this dish in this world, for her.

Some guy asks since he said that, does that mean he was making a proposal..

And that instant, JY says she’ll live first, and walks away…. (her head is filled with what Jane said).

JY walks on the street alone, recapping to every single thing DY did for her, and said to her.

With his repeated lines of saying he will go to her…

And their kiss<3

She starts to cry…

DY returns home and Jane said she has to talk to him…

She talks about his “proposal” looking pissed.

She gives him a stack of paper, saying it’s his schedule..

He gets really angry with her..

He walks away, and she says she spoke to JY..

Telling him that she asked JY to let him go..

She tells him not to be crazy… even if everything goes well, what about JY’s dream?

He goes into his room, and we see a message from JY:”Sorry, it’s me… rather than me being the only one that can eat Haemil’s dish in this world, i would rather the world share his lovely dishes.”

He replies her, saying… okay, i’ll do that.

(DAMN YOU HAEMIL WHY YOU GIVE UP SO EASILY! But of course this won’t be the end:)~~)

Next scene, a ceremony for the head chef successor for Arirang.

JY attends..

Dohee gives her position to Injoo on the stage… and everyone claps.

Injoo gives her speech, about how important Dohee, the granny, the chefs of Arirang,…. and how she will work hard to make sure Arirang will continue to be the best for the next 100 years.

Everyone stands up to clap.

JY smiles.

She then leaves. On the way out, she walks into Baek. Baek smiles at her.

JY: It started already go on in..

Baek starts to talk about DY/HM saying that DY is leaving the country.

JY looks like she’s in pain.

Baek: Thank you, i was so scared that he would marry you. Other than his brother, you were the first in his life…

Baek then walks on..

And  as JY walks on, she starts to run, because she needs to hold DY back(YAY).

Baek smiles(It’s her plan in making JY find DY now i guess).

JY flags for a taxi in the middle of the city, when she sees a broadcast on a screen on a building, with HM gracing the airport with Jane..

She starts to tear as a taxi driver asks if she wants to get on..

She knows its too late.

One year later…

We see JY driving a truck, seeing to a folk country song, looking at the dolls DY made.

She calls Dohee, … and as she talks..

She sees a screen in the middle of the city again.

DY is back. she tells Dohee she’ll call back later.

DY is sitting in the changing room, looking at the bracelet JY gave him.

Jane comes in, asking if he called JY yet? She says, it’s impossible right, since they havent contacted each other for a year.

Jane then jokes again, saying how about me this time?

She then shows him a book that Joonyoung wrote.

He continues sketching a drawing he was doing..

Jane updates DY about JY… and he seems as if he knew, as he smiles.

JY is doing charity work, serving food to old people near Kang river.

Her hair is toooooooooo long for just one year(LOL).

Stepdad is doing the work with her, and he said he heard that Haemil is back in Seoul.

She says nothing is going on with them…

Then dad says, see i told you Choi seobang is the best..

She then shuts him up and she sees a guy and starts to scold him because he stopped working, asking her if he can help JY here.

DY is driving his car as he receives a phonecall.

Baek calls him, calling him son.

He smiles, asking what it is this time?

She’s having an interview… and then DY knew she wanted a favour from him, and he tells her that he’s leaving tomorrow.

She turns around, whispering into her phone, telling him that he agreed to help Sanaera this time!

Arirang Kitchen…. Everyone is happy…

Injoo comes in, saying its an important they… Doshik then cheers everyone on to work hard.

Cuts to Injoo, Dohee and granny, tasting the sauce… With the contented expressions on their faces.

Injoo made the sauce successfully this time.

They all smile.

JY is packing up the charity food van, she looks around in disappointment. She was expecting DY… She looks at her phone… Nothing.

She then gives up, and wonders where her father went to.

She tries to close the truck’s door, but she’s too short to do so..

And our knight in shining armor appears, and closes it for her.

He flashes a smile… and she gives him the unhappy look.

She gets into her truck and drives away, leaving DY standing there.

She then stops, and looks at DY in the rear mirror.

She takes out her seatbelt and gets down the car.

They look at each other, and walk towards each other (ALLOW ME WHILE I SQUEEEE)

She looks up at him and smiles, he smiles back(OH BOY HIS SMILE<33)

They continue to smile for seconds, and she kicks his leg once again.

He then stands back up and smiles.

They continue smiling, and the end.



Okay fine, no kiss. At least a hug, or a kiss on her forehead.. or even just holding hands. None, damn you writer Jo.

Basically, DoYoon is one of the most beautifully written character ever, despite the show not being one of the best of my drama list.

I thank god for these months with DY….. Because his gorgeous.

At least i don’t feel as if i wasted hours of my life, because i came to know Kim Do Yoon.

Writer Jo Eun Jeong, I don’t know if i should blacklist you, cause you came up with a bad script, but an awesome character.

Learn from Writer Song Jae Jung okay!

But, thanks for giving me the best smile in Kdrama history.


3 comments on “Feast of the Gods Finale, Spoilers + Lee Sang Woo <3

  1. thanks, now I know why she turned down DY’s proposal !
    was watching on ionair & being a non-korean, was just watching the actors’ expression to decipher what’s happening

    yes, would have been great if they ended with a big hug & passionate kisses.

    guess the kick is more symbolic of their relationship 🙂

  2. Should I start kicking some guys now.? 🙂 If I only looked as pretty as Yuri. sighhhhhhhh

  3. I was looking for Horse Healer recap but I saw you wrote the last episode of FOTG…I too love Lee Sang Woo..his smile melts me..and he smiles a lot in the few 2 episode in Horse Healer..and how I miss his warm smile ..

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